If only there were a magic cartridge to cure glaucoma, a major eye condition affecting 2.7 million Americans. Over there isn’t—yet. “The best means to gain ahead the glaucoma is by getting constant eye exams,” states Andrew Iwach, M.D., executive, management director the the Glaucoma facility of san Francisco and also spokesperson because that the American Academy of Ophthalmology. “If girlfriend haven’t been checked out by one ophthalmologist by age 40, get a baseline exam.” If you room diagnosed with this disease, there room some points you deserve to do to ease symptoms and slow progression, including eating the appropriate diet. Here, some food for thought.

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Fruits and also veggies—especially brightly colored ones favor sweet potatoes, spinach, melons, tropic fruits, bell peppers, and berries—are good sources of vitamins A, C, and also the antioxidant lutein and zeaxanthin, states Katherine A. Zeratsky, R.D., a registered dietitian and assistant professor of nutrition in ~ the mei Clinic in Rochester, MN. This compounds are recognized to protect versus oxidative stress, which is linked with damage to the optic nerve and other organization of the eye in glaucoma.


You’ve more than likely heard the a million times: leafy greens are a diet mainstay because that optimum health. But the verdant wonders may likewise provide additional benefits come patients with glaucoma. Research reflects that civilization who eat much more leafy environment-friendly vegetables favor kale and spinach may have actually a 20% to 30% reduced risk of arising the disease. “One concept is that there room nitrates in the green vegetables, and nitrates convert to nitric oxide, which deserve to improve blood circulation and help regulate push inside the eye,” says Dr. Iwach.


Nuts and seeds are few of the finest sources of vitamin E. That’s key, since the vitamin helps keep cells healthy and also protect lock from complimentary radical damage, i m sorry can breakdown the protective tissue in the eye. Sunflower seeds (which also help decrease the hazard of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts), almonds, hazelnuts, and also pistachios (these have actually high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin as well) are all good sources. So, walk ahead and also snack like you median it.


Here’s the dish: Fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and halibut save high levels of omega-3 fat acids, i m sorry research argues may help reduce the threat of emerging eye condition later in life. Additionally, eating more omega-3s has actually been displayed to diminish glaucoma-related pressure in the eye. It might be better to leave that expression out together the device of action in lowering the press with omega 3s is no certain. Scientists have likewise found that omega-3s may help battle the low-grade inflammation that’s assumed to beat a function in glaucoma and also bolster intuitive acuity and also visual field. Wins every around.


If you need an excuse to indulge, below it is: A study released in JAMA Ophthalmology uncovered that adults that ate a bar of dark chocolate could actually see far better about two hrs later, possibly due to amplified blood circulation caused by antioxidants dubbed flavanols in the chocolate. Moreover, these compounds may enhance vision in people with glaucoma and also decrease the hazard for macular degeneration by enhancing the accessibility of oxygen and also nutrients to the blood ship of the eye and also brain.

As it turns out, drinking tea may assist reduce your possibilities of emerging glaucoma. Follow to a research in the British newspaper of Ophthalmology, human being who drank at least one cup of hot tea day-to-day lowered their risk of developing glaucoma through 74% compared to those who did no consume the beverage. Researchers think that the antioxidants and also flavonoids in tea may boost the body’s capacity to stop the harmful results of totally free radical damages and help protect her eyes from conditions like glaucoma. Although, there was a correlation tea consumption and risk palliation of glaucoma, additional research is essential to validate this data.

Don’t stress: spend a cup (or also two) that joe in the morning is tho an OK means to obtain your engine going. Yet continuing to chug the day far is a no go. It transforms out, too much caffeine is believed to rise pressure in your eye, Zeratsky says. And while the effect is highest in civilization who currently have glaucoma, studies have uncovered that drinking big quantities that caffeinated coffee every day deserve to increase the threat of occurring glaucoma together well, particularly for those v a family history of the disease.

Though more research is needed, preliminary studies suggest that dietary magnesium might be beneficial for civilization with glaucoma. Magnesium has actually been presented to enhance blood circulation to the eye and also may also assist protect retinal ganglion cells, which procedure visual info in the eye and transmit it to the mind via the optic nerve. Bananas, avocados, pumpkin seeds, and also black beans have the right to all assist you accomplish the recommended day-to-day allowance that 300-400 mg. If you considering a supplement, talk through your doc first.

Fried foods and baked goods are high in infectious diseases worldwide fats, if burgers, butter, and also cheese room filled v saturated fats. Limiting this foods, add to those v a the majority of sugar, can slow the progression of optic nerve damage. “Trans fats, saturation fats, and also excess street promote inflammation and also can cause problems with blood pressure and also circulation,” says Jodi Moore-Weiss, O.D., an assistant professor of ophthalmology at the mayo Clinic. “If the optic nerve is in ~ risk, you desire to administer the best feasible blood flow and also nutrition to the eye.”

We know, the sounds completely counterintuitive, and staying hydrated is good for your health and wellness in an ext ways than one. Yet when it pertains to glaucoma, it’s ideal to space your sipping out evenly through the day. Studies (yes, someone studied this) present that civilization with glaucoma who chug whole quart the water end the food of 20 minutes experience elevated eye pressure, which have the right to lead come damage. Aim for eight high glasses, one every 60-90 minutes, transparent the day.

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