I"ve heard that lasignoralaura.com is brought about by high eye pressure, and also that left untreated lasignoralaura.com can reason blindness. At what press will ns go blind?

lasignoralaura.com is a multi-factorial, complex eye condition with certain characteristics such together optic nerve damage and also visual field loss. While boosted pressure inside the eye (called intraocular press or IOP) is commonly present, even patients with normal selection IOP can build lasignoralaura.com.

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There is no specific level the elevated eye push that absolutely leads come lasignoralaura.com; conversely, there is no lower level of IOP that will absolutely eliminate a person’s threat of developing lasignoralaura.com. The is why at an early stage diagnosis and also treatment that lasignoralaura.com is the crucial to avoiding vision loss.

Measuring Eye Pressure

Eye pressure is measured in millimeter of mercury (mm Hg). Normal eye push ranges native 12-22 mm Hg, and eye push of better than 22 mm Hg is considered greater than normal. Once the IOP is higher than normal yet the human does not show signs the lasignoralaura.com, this is referred to as ocular hypertension.

High eye push alone go not cause lasignoralaura.com. However, that is a significant risk factor. Individuals diagnosed with high eye push should have regular substantial eye examinations by one eyecare professional to examine for signs of the start of lasignoralaura.com.

Elevated IOP

A human with elevated IOP is referred to as a lasignoralaura.com suspect, because of the worry that the elevated eye pressure can lead to lasignoralaura.com. The term lasignoralaura.com suspect is also used to explain those who have other result that can potentially, now or in the future, indicate lasignoralaura.com. For example, a suspicious optic nerve, or even a solid family history of lasignoralaura.com, could put who in the group of a lasignoralaura.com suspect.

Vision loss native lasignoralaura.com occurs as soon as the eye pressure is as well high for the particular individual and damages the optic nerve. Any resultant damage cannot it is in reversed. The peripheral (side) vision is usually affected first. The changes in vision may be so gradual that they room not noticed until a many vision loss has currently occurred.

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In time, if the lasignoralaura.com is not treated, central vision will additionally be decreased and also then lost; this is exactly how visual handicap from lasignoralaura.com is most regularly noticed. The an excellent news is that lasignoralaura.com have the right to be regulated if detect early, and with clinical and/or surgical treatment, most people with lasignoralaura.com will certainly not lose their sight.


Article by James C. Tsai, MD. Dr. Tsai is chairman of the brand-new York Eye and Ear Infirmary of mount Sinai and Chair, department of Ophthalmology, Icahn school of medication at mountain Sinai in new York, NY. This "Best of Gleams" article originally showed up in the January 2008 worry of Gleams.