Leftovers space a good way to save money and also lower her food waste in the kitchen – follow our guide and learn how to reheat and also eat leftovers safely.

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If you have actually food leftover native a weekend roast or a large batch of cooking, there room plenty the leftovers recipes on hand to help you re-use her cooked ingredients. However since fifty percent of every reported food poisoning cases are caused by what we’ve eaten at home, it’s crucial to be cautious when cooling, storing and reheating leftovers.


Christmas leftovers are constantly popular and with so many elements and also people involved it’s especially important to it is in vigilant at this time of year. If a excess of food is likely, start cooling what you don’t need quickly – ideally, you’ll gain your leftovers right into the refrigerator within 90 minutes. Here’s how:

Transfer food out of a hot pan, away from the heat resource so the it’s no being kept heat through the residual heat.If the a huge quantity, moving it into a large, shallow food will aid the warm to dissipate. Give thick soups and also stews a stir indigenous time come time if necessary.Don’t leave foods out for hrs or, also worse, overnight.

Food must be completely cooled prior to putting it in the refrigerator or freezer, otherwise you risk increasing the temperature in your fridge and creating an setting where bacteria multiply. This could affect your leftovers as well as other foods items stored there. Your refrigerator should always remain listed below 5ºC. What to do:

Keep a stash the lidded containers so the you have something to save your leftovers in. Usage freezer bags if you don’t have space to keep a most containers. You can also now purchase bags especially for soups and also stews.If you recognize you’ll have the ability to eat the leftovers within two days, popular music them in the fridge.

Reheating leftovers


When it pertains to eating up your leftovers, just how you manage them is an essential to staying healthy. What come do:

Use increase your fridge leftovers within two days.If you’re taking leftovers indigenous the freezer, eat in ~ 24 hours. Make sure they’re completely defrosted before heating, by leaving castle in the refrigerator or making use of a microwave.Reheat food till piping warm throughout. If you’re making use of a microwave, be mindful they carry out not warm evenly throughout, therefore take your food the end halfway through food preparation time and also give the a stir.Foods must be heated till they reach and also maintain 70ºC or above for 2 minutes.

Foods come be cautious of


Some foods, for example those high in protein, might be more prone to bring about food poisoning, yet the an easy rule is that all leftovers need to be cooled quickly, save properly and eaten in ~ the encourage amount that time.

Having claimed that, reheating rice is specifically tricky as it deserve to contain a type of bacteria that’s resistant come heat. The much longer cooked rice is left at room temperature, the more likely the is the the rice will come to be unsafe come eat. Ideally only chef as lot as friend need however if you discover you have leftovers, cool in ~ one hour and also store in the fridge. Eat in ~ 24 hours, and also if you reheating it make certain it’s piping warm throughout prior to serving.

How to stop food poisoning

Never assume the if other smells ok, that it’s safe to eat. Managing leftovers is only half the story when it concerns steering clean of food poisoning. Take a look at the NHS’ 10 ways to prevent food poisoning and also find out more about the other typical causes. The Food Standards agency provides added information ~ above different varieties of food poisoning and how to protect against it.

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Recipes and tips

It’s basic to produce delicious meals native leftovers and also best of all it lowers her food waste. Try these recipe collections:

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As numerous countries urge populaces to remain at home, plenty of of us are paying much more attention to our diets and how the food we eat can support ours health. To aid sort the end the fact from the fiction, BBC Future is updating few of their many popular nutrition stories from their archive.