is spending September relearning exactly how to eat. Together intuitive as our love the chowing under is, a many stands between us and also optimal eating. This month, we’ll break under diet myths, unlock delicious kitchen hacks, and explore our most typical misconceptions about our grub.

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Order pizza, and also there’s a an excellent chance it’s gone within hours. Something about that ring wheel that dough, melted cheese, warm tomato sauce, and also seemingly plenty of topping possibilities is just irresistible. If just pizza would stay that way forever.

Still, it’s tough to stand up to the temptation the a leftover slice as you rummage through the refrigerator for food the next day. Possibly you like cold pizza—there’s no dead in that—but if you looking learn just how to reheat pizza in a means that restores few of that fresh-pizza magic, you’ll require to recognize what you doing.

So, popular Science’s DIY team tracked down the most renowned strategies, bought a whole lot the pizza, and also put them to the test. We sought the ultimate method—The Way.

To truly recognize pizza, you should know exactly how it dies

The very moment pizza is born out of the oven, that too hot to eat and also might not even be excellent cooking. Yet right approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit—the temperature professionals recommend you dig in so you nothing burn her mouth—it begins its unavoidable march toward finish decay, just like everything else on Earth.

If you can not (or won’t) eat her pizza once it’s fresh, every you’ll have the ability to do later on is damage control. Girlfriend see, cheese just likes to it is in melted once, due to the fact that when the does, it loser its integrity. As soon as exposed come high temperatures, cheese loses fat and water, and also there’s simply no method to gain it back.

“That water no going up,” says bread and pizza professional Francisco Migoya, head chef at Modernist Cuisine. “The dough is prefer a sponge, so it’s simply going to absorb that all, making the soggier and gummier together time walk by.”

Over time, the moisture from the sauce and water, add to the fat indigenous the cheese (and any type of meat), seeps into the crust, developing what pizza connoisseurs recognize as “the gum line”—that layer between the sauce and also crust the looks prefer raw dough. The thicker the pizza, the more pronounced the gum line will be, and the longer it sit there uneaten, the more thickness it will get. This, Migoya says, alters the late permanently.

You must never leave pizza the end on the counter or in the cooktop overnight (because the bacteria), however putting that in the fridge doesn’t do it any type of favors. Low temperatures congeal everything the dough has took in and advice the staling process, or retrogradation. In short: The starch in the tardy recrystallizes, and also all the fresh-pizza chewiness goes out the window.

How us did it is based in new York City, so we tested each an approach with the thin-crust layout of pizza the huge Apple is well known for. If you’re reheating Chicago-style deep-dish pizza or an additional variety, your results may vary.

The slices we offered (both plain cheese and also adorned with assorted toppings) spent 12 to 48 hours in the fridge. Reheating frozen pizza is a totality other ballgame, and we can’t speak to the here.

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Let the games begin.

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