Be hurricane-prepared through these four ways to hurricane-proof your windows–plus a reminder to conserve on your insurance.

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Storm shutters are vital have if you live on the coast. Likewise remember to keep plywood ~ above hand if you need to board up windows. Image:

Hurricanes room scary enough, yet the idea of broken glass flying with your living room in ~ 155 mph is downright terrifying. Add to that the scary assumed that hurricane winds comes in through broken windows can produce dangerous pressures inside your residence that can collapse her walls and roof.

Here are four ways to hurricane-proof her windows:

Add hurricane window film

Tough, clear plastic hurricane movie is popular due to the fact that you can’t really view it, and you have the right to leave that in place year-round. If the glass breaks, hurricane film prevents glass shards indigenous zipping around inside her home.

If you’re an median DIYer, you can install peel-and-stick hurricane movie on your home windows for a only $25 per straight foot. As a bonus, the movie blocks ultraviolet light that can fade carpets and fabric.

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The downside to hurricane film--and it"s a large one--is the the film isn’t solid enough to stop hurricane winds indigenous blowing in the entire home window frame. That"s why most insurance providers don"t offer discounts because that hurricane film and why girlfriend should additionally shield your windows through plywood.

Shield windows with plywood

Good old plywood is one of the building industry’s toughest materials, and is tough to beat because that storm protection. Part tips for making use of plywood to shield your windows:

Cut sheets that 1/2- or 5/8-inch-thick plywood. Make certain you overlap window frames by a good 8 inches all around.Use heavy-duty screws and anchors (in wood) or expansion bolts (in masonry) to attach the plywood to her home"s wall surfaces (not the window frames).Pre-install screw anchors around home window openings to speed up installation.Store shields in a handy ar where you can reach castle easily and put them up fast.Keep your cordless battery fee so it’ll be ready to use when a storm is coming.Keep extra flashlights and batteries comfortable in her home. It gets very dark inside when the plywood is installed.Expect to invest $1 come $2 per square foot if you carry out the work-related yourself and $3 to $5 per square foot if you hire someone.

Add storm shutters

Because roll-up or accordion-type storm shutters are permanent, lock a snap come deploy as soon as a storm comes. Every you need to do is traction the shutters right into place prior to a hurricane to avoid damage and also broken windows.

If you’re skittish about being in the dark, look because that shutters that have perforations or room made from tough translucent fiberglass that lets in light.Expect to spend anywhere from $10 come $50 every square foot for expert installation of storm shutters, depending on style and also material.

Install high-impact glass windows

The good thing about windows through high-impact glass is the they’re always in place, all set to beat earlier anything hurled by hurricane-force winds. These brawny buddies are comprised oftwo panes that tempered glass be separated by a plastic film. Theycome in conventional sizes and shapes so they won"t make your home look like a Brinks truck.

Expect come pay three times as much for a home window with high-impact glass as for a regular home window of the exact same size and also type.

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Ask around home insurance discounts

To encourage you come take procedures to minimize damage, your insurer could offer discounts because that hurricane-mitigation improvements. In Florida"s Miami-Dade County, because that example, the annual insurance premium on an older home insured because that $150,000 runs between $3,000 and $8,000, assuming no hurricane-mitigation improvements. Through improvements, such as storm shutters or high-impact glass, the same house would cost between $1,000 and $3,500 to insure.