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The exact cause of vulvodynia is no known.Vulvodynia can be treated with drugs and/or self-care (home remedy) measures. No one treatment is effective for all women.

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Vulvodynia refers to pain in the area of the vulva and also vaginal opening. Vulvodynia is considered pain because that which over there is no known cause. It is different from pain that is situated deep in the pelvis or inside in the vagina. This article focuses on ache in the vulvar an ar and in ~ the opening (introitus) that the vagina. Deeper quality pain can also occur due to infections, tumors, and also conditions the cause more generalized ache in the pelvic organs.

Vaginal pain have the right to be chronic and can last for years in some women.The degree of severity varies among women.It frequently occurs in the absence of physical indicators or clearly shows abnormalities.However, there are a number of other causes of quality pain during or after sex.

Vaginal ache Symptoms

Pain in the vagina or the female outside genital offal (the vulva, which contains the labia, clitoris, and also entrance come the vagina) most commonly is a result of infection. Vaginitis is another term for epidemic of the vagina. Yeast epidemic (Candida) is a an especially common type of vaginitis. Women room at enhanced risk because that yeast vaginitis if they take antibiotics or cortisone medications, throughout pregnancy, and if their immune systems space suppressed by medicines or disease. Vaginal pain can additionally be a an outcome of injury or trauma come the vagina or vulva. Quality pain during sexual intercourse is described as dyspareunia. The clinical term because that vaginal pain is vulvodynia.

The ache of vulvodynia have the right to be debilitating and interfere through daily tasks and sexual intercourse. It deserve to make ladies feel a loss of manage their bodies, bring about profound emotional and physical discomfort.

Symptoms that vulvodynia and also vaginal pain might include:

Burning or stinging pain in the vulva or vaginal openingSharp, aching, or throbbing pains in the vagina or vulvaPain that is continuous or comes and goes

Some females report pain that is localized come one next or one area the the vulva, while rather have more generalized and also widespread pain. Usually, no physical indicators or changes occur in and around the vagina through vulvodynia; however, sometimes the skin might be inflamed.

Vaginal pain may occur during the third trimester of pregnant due to boost in push on the cervix. Ladies who competent vulvodynia before becoming pregnant may proceed to experience this symptom during pregnancy.

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It is unsure why some women develop vulvodynia. That is not assumed to be related to sexuallytransfer illness (STDs), although part women through vulvodynia have had actually multiple STDs. Part theories imply that vulvodynia may be related to

damage or wake up of nerves,abnormal responses to wake up or inflammation,a history of sex-related abuse, orfrequent usage of antibiotics.

Familial or genetic factors also have been suggested to pat a role in vulvodynia. Unfortunately, the exact reason has no been determined and also most women have no well-known contributing factors.

Since the cause is poorly understood, the is an overwhelming to predict that is at threat for vulvodynia. It can influence women of all ages and races. That can begin as early as adolescence and can happen both before and after menopause. It may occur during the menstrual duration or elevation of the expression period.

No certain tests confirm vulvodynia. Usually, vaginal pain and vulvodynia room diagnosed based ~ above the characteristic symptoms of the condition. However, because vulvar and vaginal infections, (for example, yeast infections, bacter vaginosis, and vaginitis) are connected with vaginal burning and itching, cultures or other diagnostic tests may be ordered to ascendancy out vaginal infections.

Vulvodynia is a chronic problem (it might last for months come years) in some women; in others, it might come and also go. Vulvodynia and vaginal pain can be managed using medical treatments and also self-care (home remedies). No all therapies will be effective for every woman, and a mrs may have actually to try different treatments to find the most effective option because that her.

Vulvodynia is not associated with cancer or with any serious clinical diseases, yet it may be a resource of chronic pain and also emotional uncomfortable for some women.

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Some the the drugs that have been valuable include:

Topical estrogen creamsTopical or local anesthetics

Other clinical therapies for ladies with serious vulvodynia include:

Biofeedback training and pelvic floor exercises have been helpful for some women.Surgical removed of affected tissue have the right to be of advantage in women with vulvodynia due to vulvar vestibulitis syndrome, a particular kind of vulvodynia that is located at the area the the hymenal ring.

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Home remedies and also self-care actions for vulvodynia can bring relief for many women. Part self-care steps to relieve the pain of vulvodynia include:

Rinsing the area through cool water, an especially after urination and also sexual activitySoaking in cool or heat sitz bathsUsing topical ice cream packs wrapped in a towelHeating pad use, in contrast, may help some womenUsing mild, unscented soaps and also detergentUsing white, unscented toilet tissueWearing white cotton underwearWearing loose-fitting clothing and also avoiding stockings or pantyhoseAvoiding pools or hot tubs v chlorinated waterUsing a water-soluble lubricant during sexual intercourseAvoiding activities such together bicycling, that put pressure on the vulvar areaKeeping the vulvar area dry and also clean
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