Ear pains (otalgia) can be a common reason youngsters visit a physician. There space several reasons of ear pain, including teething, sore throat, ear infection, or clogged Eustachian tubes.

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Otitis media through effusion (Fluid behind eardrum)

Otitis media v effusion occurs when the Eustachian tube the connects the middle ear come the ago of the sleep becomes blocked. This permits fluid to collection behind the eardrum.

Since over there is no infection, antibiotics room not beneficial. Therapy is aimed in ~ symptomatic control: paracetamol or ibuprofen as essential for ache relief. Friend can additionally use heat compresses together needed.

Otitis media through effusion normally self-resolves in ~ 3 months.

Temporary gentle hearing loss have the right to be associated with otitis media v effusion. Methods to assist with hear loss, if present, include:

Speak straight to your kid in a enlarge voice 보다 normal; make good eye contact and use gestures.Reduce elevator noise once talking to influenced individual (lower volume of TV and radio)

If liquid persists much longer than 3 month or hearing lose is a concern, her child may be referred to ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist/Otolaryngologist) for further evaluation. The ENT may comment on tympanostomy pipe (ear tubes), which assist drain the liquid in the ear.

Ear infection

When the Eustachian tube the connects the center ear to the earlier of the nose becomes blocked, and fluid collects in the middle ear space, viruses or bacteria deserve to sometimes flourish in the fluid and cause pains (acute otitis media).

Commonly, these ear infections may take place after or during a viral top respiratory infection. Otitis media is much more common in the winter, and also occurs much more frequently in kids who attend daycare (related come the increased number of viral URIs experienced by these children). Otitis media walk not take place after acquiring water in the ear.

Antibiotics are used for part patients v an ear infection. Because ear infections room not always caused by bacteria, antibiotics are not constantly needed.

Strategies to protect against ear infections include:

Keep your child’s vaccinations approximately date, particularly pneumococcal and also influenza vaccinationsAvoid exposure come second-hand smokeBreastfeed your child specifically for the very first 6 month of lifeAvoid bottle propping in babies

If a child has repeated illustration of acute otitis media (3 episodes in 6 month or 4 illustration in 1 year), the child might be referred to ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist/Otolaryngologist) for testimonial for tympanostomy tubes (ear tubes) to help the liquid drain.

Swimmer’s ear

Swimmer"s ear (otitis externa) occurs as soon as there is one infection existing in the external ear canal. This can happen if the skin in the ear canal becomes irritated or scratched and then develops an infection.

Topical antibiotic drops are provided in the treatment of swimmer’s ear. Ibufrofen or acetaminophen have the right to be supplied to manage pain.

For patients v recurrent swimmer’s ear, preventative measures include:

Wearing ear plugs as soon as swimmingDrying the ear after ~ swimming v hair dryer on low setting and at least 12 inches indigenous the earUse the ear autumn containing acetic mountain or alcohol after ~ swimming

Eustachian tube dysfunction

The Eustachian pipe is a tube that runs indigenous the middle ear come the nasopharynx (back that nose and also top the throat). This tube helps come equalize pressure throughout the tympanic membrane (ear drum), protect the middle ear from epidemic and assist clear middle ear secretions.

Symptoms that Eustachian pipe dysfunction include ear pain, ear fullness, diminished hearing, tinnitus or popping/cracking in the ear.

Treatment requires treating the underlying reason of the Eustachian pipe dysfunction:

Treat any kind of underlying allergy rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, laryngopharyngeal reflux, GERDEliminate exposure come second-hand smoke

Temporomandibular share disorders

Problems with the hinge that connects your jaw to her skull, the temporomandibular joint, can cause referred ear pain. Extr symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder can incorporate jaw or face pain, headache, pain with chewing or opened mouth.

Temporomandibular joint disorders are more common in children over period 10 years.

Treatment consists of patient education, preventing triggers, jaw exercises, use of an occlusion rail if grinding teeth is one issue and also use of anti-inflammatory ache medications.

Other causes of ear pain

Other much less common reasons of ear pain incorporate trauma come the ear or ear canal, foreign body in the ear canal, or wax build-up.

Other illnesses that can reason referred ear pain include teething, parotitis, sinusitis, pharyngeal infections, lymphadenopathy / lymphadenitis and cervical spine injury.

When have to you seek help for ear pain?

Call your doctor or look for medical treatment if:

Ear ache is worsening, persistent or not controlled with supportive care measuresThere is blood or pus draining from the ear canalThe area around the ear starts come swell or end up being redYour son gets a new or higher fever

Caring because that Ear Pain

Ear pain may be worse once lying down; so shot to have actually child sit or sleep with head elevated.

Warm compresses may assist ease ear discomfort. (However, take care not come burn the skin).

Acetaminophen or ibuprofen deserve to be used to assist discomfort; complying with instructions on brand or provided by physician.

Do NOT provide aspirin to any person under age 18 years. It has been linked to emerging Reye syndrome, disease that reasons swelling in the mind and liver.

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Do not insert anything into the ear (including Q-tips). The is ok to clean the outside of the ear with a heat washcloth.