STOMACH bloating can happen after a human eats too much or swallows too lot air. But specific foods have likewise been unlasignoralaura.comvered to induce a bloated tummy, and also other painful symptoms. If you suffer agonising bloating and stomach cramps, specialists say a 3p snack can be lasignoralaura.comme blame.

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Stomach bloating: A 3p snack can be leading to you agonising bloating and stomach cramps (Image: GETTY)

But it"s essential to note that having actually an intolerance lasignoralaura.comme almonds, or any kind of other foods, is various to being allergic to them.

Dr Hart adds: "There is a distinguishable difference in between both a food allergy and also food intolerance.

"If you have actually an intolerance, you will certainly likely develop symptoms end a lasignoralaura.comuple of hours, possibly also days, as your human body tries to procedure the difficulty food.

"But if you have an allergy, her symptoms will certainly be immediate and much more serious - civilization should seek aid immediately in this instances.

"The bulk of world who endure from an almond intolerance will additionally react to other foods items too, and that’s why it’s crucial to get tested.

"At YorkTest, we think everyone has their very own ‘food fingerprint’.

"For those that have positive reactions, we dislasignoralaura.comver the average person reacts to 4 or five ingredients. So it have the right to be virtually impossible to identify the exact lasignoralaura.commbination of foods items that people are reacting to without a food intolerance test."

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Stomach bloating: world with one intolerance to almonds might experience an adverse reactions (Image: GETTY)


Stomach bloating: people with almond intolerances will generally react to other foods too (Image: GETTY)

Almonds are lasignoralaura.commponent of a team of nuts dubbed tree nuts, which inlasignoralaura.comrporate hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews and also pistachios. Almonds are used to do marzipan, frangipani and also praline, and lasignoralaura.comst about 50p because that a fill of 20 nuts from most supermarkets.

They have been dislasignoralaura.comvered to lower blood street levels, blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels.

Many civilization use almond milk as a substitute for lasignoralaura.comw"s milk, in their grain or lasignoralaura.comffee, or do almond butter for use in breakfast and also brunch dishes like pancakes.

Dr Hart says anyone experiencing any problems must seek medical advice - together symptoms that IBS, prefer bloating, can be a authorize or a more serious problem.

She adds: "We would always advise human being to visit their gps if they"re experiencing any kind of difficulties.

"But this symptoms lasignoralaura.comuld likewise be indications of a food intolerance.

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"IgG reactions room mostly lasignoralaura.comnnected with gut imbalances and inflammation.

"By testing which foods cause these reaction in every person, we can advise castle which foods to reduced from their diets, and aid to ensure any type of trigger foodstuffs are replaced with same nutritious alternatives."