Every Christian have to memorize the publications of the Old Testament. The scriptures is the word of God. That chronicles the journey of faith for those that love God and are loved by God.

The scriptures is filled with testimonies, instruction, guidance, worship, and hope. It is foundational to learning God. If a publication is the important, climate we have to make memorizing the stimulate of the publications a priority for this reason that we are far better equipped to use the Bible.

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It is advantageous to memorize the books of the Old Testament when we realize that there is a framework to the Old Testament. There space collections of publications that are held together by typical themes or types. Top top the library shelves, us will uncover that background books are together.

In the very same way, over there is a special ar for poetry books. So that is v the Old testimony as well. These teams can be an extremely beneficial in memorizing the set of books, but also in knowledge the Old testament as a whole.

How to memorize the publications of the Old Testament? ns am going to share v you the strategy that I have used because that years in Sunday School and also with my kids to aid them. (To be honest, this is just how I ultimately cemented them into my storage too!)

Memorization Starts with Organization

The Old testimony is split into 5 groups: Law, History, Poetry, major Prophets, and Minor Prophets. Assist your child/student notice this organization.

There are wonderful images out there to use to aid children visualize this groups. We room going to break our memorization goal down right into chunks based upon these five significant groups.

Introduce every section and repeat that section, with intensity and also frequency, till it is mastered by the group/child. Then, include the following section. Save the numbers 3 & 5 in mind together these will certainly be the bite-sized chunks we use to create out memorization groups.

Memorize the Old testimony by singing the Books?

What about a song? i will not ~ this be easier with a song? Yes, and no.

We sing an Old Testament tune to assist in our memorization at our house. A song can become a crutch though. So, rather of knowing that Daniel come after Ezekiel, you discover that you need to sing the song from the beginning until you get to Daniel.

The holy bible is so necessary that we desire mastery. This technique works well alongside a song however helps us relocate past the constraints of the song.

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Section #1 legislation – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Number, Deuteronomy

This team of five works perfect for her hand. Usage the finger indigenous the other hand and suggest to each finger subsequently as you repeat the names of the books over and over again.