Instagram has actually just introduced a brand-new feature that lets you select whether you desire to hide your likes.

Every month, Instagram introduces brand-new features to save its app new, exciting and safe because that users.

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For years, they’ve been toying v the idea of removing favor counts to combat the an adverse effects the likes can have on people’s mental health, and also it’s now becoming a reality.

Instagram simply announced that the attribute is officially being rolled the end globally. So, just how do girlfriend hide your likes? Let’s discover out.


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New feature lets Instagram individuals hide likes

On Wednesday, Instagram announced the they have actually are rolling out a new feature that lets users hide the variety of likes on posts.

The application has been to run tests in numerous countries due to the fact that 2019, however the feature will now be available globally.

On Twitter, Instagram wrote: “Starting today, you’ll have much more options as soon as it comes to like counts on Instagram. Now you can hide the number of likes human being see on her posts.”

“You can additionally hide the variety of likes you watch on other people’s posts. Or you deserve to keep points as they are – whatever works because that you,” they added.

So, exactly how do you rotate off prefer counts?

You can also hide the number of likes you see on various other people’s posts. Or you deserve to keep points as they space – everything works for you.

— Instagram (

How come hide your Instagram likes

Hiding likes top top Instagram is easy. Follow these an easy steps…

Open Instagram and go to her profile. Insanity the three lines in the height right-hand corner.Click ‘Settings’. Push ‘Posts’. Select ‘Hide Like and View Counts’.

If you do not watch the new ‘Posts’ section, this means that the function hasn’t been rolled the end in your nation yet.

Keep checking back every day, the function should appear soon.

WATCH: Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announces the the platform will begin hiding likes for us audiences starting next week. It"s the latest step in Instagram’s search to come to be the safest ar on the internet. Https:// #WIRED25


Why is Instagram hiding likes?

Back in 2019, Instagram announced that it would be acquisition away likes to combat the an unfavorable effect that likes deserve to have on people’s mental health.

Instagram believes that its customers can come to be too spend by the number of likes they receive on posts and also argue the it can take the enjoyment the end of the app.

Many world weren’t happy about the change, however Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri told Wired: “We will certainly make decisions the hurt the company if they aid people’s well-being and health.”

He added that the was all “about developing a less pressurized setting where civilization feel comfortable expressing themselves.”

Omg I lastly have the alternative to hide all likes from my Instagram and also I think this is gonna it is in awesome for my psychological health?! What do you every think around it?

— climbed Stokes (

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