Iphone eliminate Words native Autocorrect

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Is it possible to remove one word indigenous iOS autocorrect

3 hours ago I might be a year to late but my phone had “I said” auto correcting to “I. Sa’id” so I got in my text replacement and put I quick cut for “isa to mean I said” now my phone only types I stated no matter how I form it in weather I form the faster way or the words out. The “I. Sa’id” auto exactly is completely gone!

How come Delete untrue Auto correct Words on iphone phone

8 hours back How to Delete incorrect Auto correct Words ~ above iPhone. Once you type a word wrong and also ignore the iPhone"s suggestion for the correct spelling, the iPhone trust the misspelled hatchet is the one you want to use and also suggests the wrong spelling when you go into it correctly in …

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Remove word from iphone phone AutoCorrect dictionary

How to avoid an iphone From Autocorrecting particular …

8 hours ago To include a new contact, aka the word friend don"t want autocorrect to chaos with any more, madness the plus sign on the optimal right and also then type your word right into the very first Name section. It"s as easy as that!

How execute I remove a "word" indigenous my iphone phone autocorrect list?

4 hours back "If you have actually misspelled a word so many times that currently your iPhone attempts to auto-correct the properly spelled version to the "learned" word every time you form it, you space probably in search of a method to delete the misspelling from her dictionary.

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Set increase autocorrection and include words to your spelling

Just currently To add, edit, or remove the words in your iWork app"s Ignored Words list, select Pages > Preferences, choose Auto-Correction, climate click Ignored Words. Click the add button (+) or the remove switch (-) to add or remove words. Or click on a word to edit its spelling.

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Iphone eliminate an automatically correction from the

9 hours ago Navigate to settings -> general -> keyboard -> Text Replacement. You deserve to now include "munutes" together the phrase and shortcut. This will certainly ensure your spell examine won"t autocorrect "munutes" from currently on. I have had to execute this for my really name and some of my friends names together autocorrect isn"t a fan of ireland names.

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How deserve to I acquire the iphone phone to "forget" specific words?

6 hours earlier Put the correct word in the phrase spot and also the misspelled word in shortcut spot. Every time you kind the word the phone wants to autocorrect v the misspelled word, the will automatically default to the exactly spelling! it doesn"t remove the word from the dictionary, but it win the phone