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If you desire to store your Amazon task on the down low and hide or delete some or every one of your bespeak history, it’s fairly easy to execute it.

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There room multiple factors for i beg your pardon you may want come hide her Amazon stimulate history. Maybe you want to hide one occasional acquisition from her history, so friend won’t spoil the surprised of a date of birth gift or probably you acquisition something that you don’t want your children to see once they use your account.

No issue the reason, here’s exactly how to hide or delete her Amazon order history on your desktop computer and in the mobile app.

Hide or delete her Amazon order history on desktop

Here you will check out a list of the points that you have actually ordered end the last three months. Scroll under to uncover the order you desire to hide or delete and then click “View stimulate Details.”Click on “Archive Order” come hide it. You deserve to hide approximately 500 orders and you’ll still be able to view lock in the “Archived Orders” section of her account.If the article you’re in search of is all there than three months, readjust the setting at the top of the web page to show you orders indigenous another period of time.

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Hide or delete your Amazon order background in the mobile app

Open the Amazon app on her mobile phone or tablet and sign in.Go come “Your Orders” and also identify the item the you desire to hide.Tap “View order Details” and also then “Archive Order” come hide it.

Keep in mind that none of the orders you hide will be totally removed from her account. You will certainly still be able to see lock by visiting her account page and then clicking Ordering and also Shopping choices >Archived Orders.

You will be able to see all your previous archived orders and move them back to the key list if you want by clicking the “Unarchive Order” switch located beside the product.

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The easiest method to hide orders native other family members is to usage an Amazon family members Account. This is only obtainable for prime members and also it enables you to share benefits with another adult and also children in your family. By utilizing an Amazon family Account, you have the right to keep every your purchase history, lists, and also recommendations private and also separate indigenous the other members of your family.