Today, we’re going to talk about how come hide date of birth on Twitter come safeguard your privacy.

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Many civilization use Twitter to interact with the world. If your account is public, climate anyone deserve to see her tweets and your profile. And also if you have your birth date in her profile, climate anyone can see it. The increases your risk of identification theft and fraud. I’ll show you just how to eliminate or hide your birthdate on Twitter.

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Twitter Security and Privacy: The Threats

As I defined in my post Don’t Share your Birth date Online,

Scammers, fraudsters, and identity thieves deserve to wreak havoc with simply your name, day of birth (DOB), and also address.

Twitter lets you include your birthdate to your profile, and make it clearly shows to the public, your followers, or civilization you follow.

Maybe you placed your birthday into your profile when you very first created her Twitter account, and also you haven’t thought around it since. Ns encourage you come hide date of birth on Twitter to lessen the threats to her account’s security and also privacy.

Other advantageous Information:

How to boost Your Security and also Privacy

Twitter lets you completely eliminate your birthdate, or control that sees her birth date. There are separate controls because that the month and day and the year.

How come Hide date of birth On Twitter

I extremely recommend that you completely eliminate your birth day from your Twitter profile. Here’s how:

Go to your profile, climate click or insanity the Edit profile button.Next to Birthdate, click Edit. (In the app, insanity Birth date.)At the bottom the the window, click Remove bear date. Check by clicking Remove.Click Save. (In the app, madness Done and then Save.)

Control Birth date Visibility top top Twitter

If because that some factor you don’t desire to totally remove your birth date, then I extremely recommend the you at least hide the year on her Twitter profile. Here’s how:

Go to her profile, then click or insanity the Edit profile button.Next come Birthdate, click Edit. (In the app, madness Birth date.)Under Who watch this? consider setup Month and also day come something more restrictive 보다 Public, such as Your followers or You follow each other.Set Year to Only you, so that no one else can see it.Click Save. (In the app, tap Done and also then Save.)

Keep her Birth day Off Twitter

Don’t tweet your age ~ above or around your birthday (“Well, I’m currently over the hill, yet I nothing feel any type of different!” or “Last job in my 20s!”). It doesn’t take much brainpower because that someone to figure out her birth year native that, also if you haven’t gone into it explicitly.

Don’t disclose your birth day in picture or videos. Imagine the you tweet photos or videos of her birthday party, and also in the picture or videos are cards, or balloons, or a cake that says “30,” “40,” “50,” or everything your period is. If you tweet these on your birthday, who can conveniently figure out your bear date.

If other civilization reveal your age in their tweets or replies, ask the human being to delete them due to the fact that you’re concerned around identity theft. You can send lock this short article to explain your reasoning.

How to Hide birthday On Twitter – last Thoughts

Hiding your birthday top top Twitter is a should if you’re worried around your account security and privacy. And also is advisable due to the fact that making your birthday public deserve to pose a substantial risk on your various other social media accounts and even your financial institution accounts.

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Additional Resources

What You should Do

Remove your birth day from your Twitter profile. If girlfriend don’t, climate at a minimum, do the year just visible to you.Don’t tweet anything that would allow someone to figure out your age or birth year, in text, photos, or videos.If other civilization reveal your period in your tweets or replies, ask the human to delete them.