For many, summer method concerts at Millennium Park, margaritas on the deck and bubbles in the pool. Once we think that summer at Mr. Floor, us think about the dozens of calls we get from master who room watching bubbles of finish pop up in between the cracks of their brand-new wood floors.

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Beads the Finish in between the crack in My timber Floor

The photograph highlights the homeowners’ dilemma. What looks and also feels prefer maple-syrup autumn on your wood floor space actually blobs of uncured finish. Recognized affectionately in the market as polyballs, or polyurethane beads, this drops that “wet” end up are thrust up come the surface from gaps between the pink of her floor. This trouble normally surface on a floor the is much less than a year old that was set up in the winter. Yet why?


What reasons These Polyurethane Balls to Form?

Three conditions typically conspire to type these unsightly balls of uncured finish. The an initial is gaps in between the planks of the hardwood floor that enable too much newly-applied end up to swimming pool in the cracks. The 2nd is the succeeding application that a polyurethane finish prior to the first coat has had actually time come cure, trapping the “wet” finish. The third is when wood flooring with a very low moisture contents is installed and also finished, boosting the opportunities that expansion throughout the humid summer months will lead to excessive pressure between planks of hardwood flooring.

It will certainly come together no surprise that if flooring is incorrectly mounted with wider than normal gaps, those gaps have the right to accumulate freshly used finish. While an ext finish could seem favor a an excellent thing, when it pools between the lumber slats it most certainly is not. Polyurethane finish is designed come be used in a consistent method that permits it to flow into an also layer throughout the floor. If flooring is installed with gaps that space too wide, the space becomes a small trough into which the polyurethane finish accumulates. (Graphic 1)

If the pooled finish in between the floor board does not cure prior to a second or third coat is applied, the uncured complete is trapped in a “wet” state beneath succeeding layers. Think the it together a beautiful crème brulee. (Graphic 2, red cap) The caramelized sugar surface is difficult to the touch however once you crack it, the wet custard listed below is released.

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How Uncured finish is thrust to the surface of a hardwood Floor

As described in our blog post, wood Floor Seasoning, hardwood is hydroscopic. Timber both absorbs and also expels moisture as the humidity in a room changes. In the winter, once there is much less humidity in the air, lumber slats shrink as they provide off moisture.