If you’re, say, one Olympic gymnast or a specialized guitarist, you’re probably very proud of her hard-earned calluses. But for the rest of united state mere mortals, those hardened great of skin deserve to be painful and also less 보다 pleasant to look at.

“Calluses an outcome from recurring friction, rubbing, pressure, and irritation on the skin,” says Sandy Skotnicki, M.D., a Toronto-based dermatologist and also author of Beyond Soap. They form wherever there’s a consistent source the friction—mainly the bottom of your foot, on the bony locations that carry your weight, including the ball, the huge toe, and also the side.

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They deserve to also type on the hand of anyone that performs a repeated activity where there is continuous rubbing, such as grabbing uneven bars, lifting weights, or also doing crafts, gardening, or housework. “Calluses are what her body go to defend you indigenous trauma—it’s prefer your skin emerging armor or a shield,” claims Mona Gohara, M.D., associate clinical professor that dermatology at Yale school of Medicine and also member the lasignoralaura.com’s medical Review Board.

If you notice there is blood or redness inside the callus, the is causing you a an excellent deal that pain, or you have actually diabetes or bad circulation, do an appointment v your podiatrist or dermatologist to have it evaluated and treated safely.

However, in countless mild cases, calluses are not permanent and also you can treat them at residence with a method Dr. Gohara calls “soak, sand, and smear.”

How to remove calluses safely

1. Avoid them in the very first place by reduce friction.

To stop new calluses indigenous forming and to offer your old ones time to heal, add moleskin padding to the areas in her shoes where you feel the many friction, and also wear safety gloves once you’re functioning out or doing family chores that room rough on her hands.

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2. Leaving it alone.

If the callus isn’t bothering you also much, you have the right to just let it soften end time, yet consider skip those high heels or getting refitted for running shoes.

3. Soak in warm, soapy water.

To soften increase the skin (and give yourself a be sure spa endure while you’re in ~ it), soak her feet or hand in sudsy water. You deserve to use any type of soap friend prefer, however Dr. Gohara is a pan of epsom salts, which are anti-inflammatory and likewise have a little of grit, i beg your pardon will help with the next step.

4. Shot manual exfoliation (“sand” it).

After her skin has softened in the water, submerge a pumice stone, emery board, or foot document in water because that a couple of seconds and use it come gently go over the hardened skin. (Be careful not to remove the whole callus, Dr. Skotnicki says, since the area still requirements some protection versus pressure.) Dr. Gohara says you can also use fine-grain sandpaper, for what she jokingly calls a “Home Depot pedicure.”