n a best-case scenario, moles room annoying dark clues on her skin the you wish would certainly disappear to give you a smooth, blemish-free complexion. In a worst-case scenario, moles deserve to be cancerous and lead to major health dangers if they are not removed. There room a few things the you need to consider prior to having a mole removal procedure. Our staff knowledgeable helping ours patients attain their ideal picture through mole removal as well as identifying and biopsying suspicious moles to maintain your health and also peace the mind.

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What Is Mole Removal?

Mole removals, which is various than mole biopsy, is design to fully remove mole from the skin in a method that minimizes scarring and also creates a smooth, discreet finish. Moles space categorized as brown or black skin growths resulted in by the clustering that skin pigment cells, called melanocytes. They can be raised or flat and occur almost everywhere on the body.

Using a range of various techniques, we have the right to safely and effectively eliminate moles from any type of location. This procedure is basically painless because that nearly every one of our patients thanks to regional anesthetic, and your recovery needs zero downtime. Best of all, remove a mole is a long-term solution to this typical cosmetic concern when performed by a skilled and experienced doctor.

While girlfriend should proceed to visit your dermatologist regularly to save your skin healthy and check on any kind of remaining moles, the growth targeted during this quick and also easy treatment should not regrow, leaving her skin looking much better than ever and also giving you a significant confidence boost.


While among the main benefits the mole removal is aesthetic, our main concern is constantly your irreversible health. Mole can come to be cancerous and, if this condition is no diagnosed quickly, the influenced cells deserve to spread to other parts that the body. Mole removal have the right to prevent the spread of cancerous and also pre-cancerous cells and attend to your cosmetic concerns in one basic procedure.

Results because that the bulk of patients space permanent, and also our patients discover that they room able to enjoy life to the fullest after ~ the removed of a remarkable or suspicious mole. This treatment is able to be performed on any kind of patient, skin type, and also skin tone, and while those with lighter skin might be an ext prone come moles, it’s vital for anyone to take care of your skin with continuous check-ups.

When you choose to pursue treatment in ~ our office, our team is committed to her health and wellness and will introduce the best treatment choices for your distinct situation.

How deserve to I call If a Mole could Be Cancerous?

In the dermatology world, we urge our patients to monitor the “ABCDE” model of identifying possibly cancerous moles. It’s necessary to routinely examine her skin for moles the fit one or much more of these descriptions and also take note of any moles which readjust over time.


Look at her mole. If one section of the mole has actually a various shape, color, or appearance native the rest of the mole, you should let your dermatologist know.


Most typical moles have a clear, consistently shaped border. If your mole has actually an rarely often, rarely border or shape or is not plainly defined native the remainder of your skin, friend should have your doctor examine it.


Your mole must not include various colors or different shades that the exact same color. This can be a sign that something is wrong, and also your doctor have to take a look in ~ it during your following appointment.


In general, concerning moles grow to a dimension of 6mm or larger. If you an alert a larger mole, you need to alert her doctor. However, a smaller mole the exhibits few of the other symptoms the a cancer mole should additionally be examined.


Any mole that alters over time need to be check by her doctor. Evolutions in color, shape, and also size can mean that the cells room pre-cancerous or cancerous, and also your mole need to be biopsied and also removed as shortly as possible.

What Is the Difference in between a Biopsy and a Removal?

A mole biopsy entails one that our medical professionals taking a small sample the a mole’s cell by tenderness shaving the surface of the mole and also the bordering skin v a sharp scalpel. This procedure is performed in ours office with regional anesthetic and takes simply a few minutes. The resulting sample is examined in stimulate to recognize whether the cells room normal or present signs the cancer.

Removal deserve to be performed for aesthetic or medical reasons, or a mix of both. Our doctor works very closely to ensure that all of the mole’s cells are removed. If cells are left end after treatment, a mole deserve to regrow or, even more seriously, cancerous cell from a mole have the right to spread to other areas. You’ll return to our office because that post-removal check-ups in order for our physicians to inspect your progress, and we constantly recommend the our patients have at least one general appointment every year to save their skin healthy and monitor your moles.

What are the Different types of removed Techniques?

Although moles can seem little and insignificant, it’s an essential to seek treatment from a trained doctor when pursuing mole removal. Never attempt to remove a mole at home, i m sorry is ineffective and also can cause injury. If a mole is determined to be cancerous, our medical professionals use the Moh’s surgery technique, which removes all cancerous cells while keeping the neighboring skin as lot as possible.

For benign or non-cancerous moles, we can employ cautery, which safely burns the mole native the skin, or cryosurgery, i m sorry freezes the mole and also causes it to autumn off. Whichever technique we use, us always provide local anesthetic come ensure your comfort throughout your appointment.

What need to I Expect?

If you’re considering removed one or much more of your moles, our devoted staff is all set to walk with you through this process. Here’s a general idea that what you can expect once you pursue treatment at our office:


Before you receive treatment, us sit down with you because that an early consultation. This appointment enables us to examine your skin and take keep in mind of any type of moles that might be candidates for biopsy or removal. Our doctor may recommend collecting samples for a biopsy throughout this meeting if they an alert any concerning moles. They will additionally review your clinical history, especially any type of previous experience with cancer moles, and explain in information the process of removing her moles and what you deserve to expect during recovery.

Once you room approved because that treatment, you will certainly be given instructions come follow before your appointment. The most necessary thing us recommend is staying out that the sunlight as lot as possible to minimize irritation and damage native harmful UV rays. As you follow this instructions, friend can start looking forward to her appointment!


On the day of your appointment, us recommend no wearing any kind of makeup if the target area is on your challenge or neck. Your doctor will provide a local anesthetic, which generally takes just a couple of minutes to numb the area. Then, depending upon the kind of mole and the removal technique required, your doctor will excise, burn, or frozen the area. You may feel minimal pressure, but you should feel no discomfort many thanks to the anesthetic. Removal normally takes less than 10 minutes.

Once your physician has completely removed her mole, castle may ar several stitches to help the healing process. They will bandage the cure area and also give girlfriend instructions to follow during your recovery. You’ll most most likely return in 1-2 weeks for a follow-up check to ensure that the area is heal well. You’ll be able to return to her normal tasks immediately many thanks to the quick and also minimally invasive nature that this procedure. However, you may pick to have actually 1-2 days of social downtime if your mole was removed from a noticeable area.


You may notification some gentle tenderness in the cure area because that the very first 1-4 job after your mole removal. This is normal and typically subsides as the skin starts to heal. Friend should plan to keep the treatment website clean and also covered with a bandage because that 1-2 work to defend the area. ~ this time, you can remove the bandage and also continue to keep the area clean and also moisturized. Your medical professional will inspect the area 1-2 mainly after her appointment to inspect on her healing progress.

Minimizing Scarring

Removing a mole, particularly a cancerous or pre-cancerous mole that have the right to require a depth excision, comes v the possibility of scarring. However, there space several ways you can help your skin heal and minimize scarring. First, you should avoid poignant or extending the treated area as much as possible to save the skin tight and also undisturbed as it heals. You should also avoid the sun, i beg your pardon can damage the heal area, and always wear sunscreen when you spend time outside.

Once about 2 weeks have passed and also any stitches space removed, you have the right to gently massage the scar, being cautious not to disturb any kind of scab which has formed. Making use of gentle pressure and also a nourishing lotion can assist invigorate the skin and also encourage collagen production, i m sorry aids in healing. Finally, when your skin is fully healing–which can take approximately 1 year ~ treatment–one that our medical professionals would it is in happy to assist you decide on a skin rejuvenating therapy that can further minimize and also fade any scar i m sorry develops.


Most cure sites heal totally in less than a month, back a bigger or depth incision could take 4-6 weeks come heal. ~ this time, you should continue to defend the area native the sun and also may wish to check out scar fading treatments. However, the vast majority of our patients uncover that any scar produced by removed fades naturally over the first year together the skin heals. As soon as your last results room visible, you need to see no evidence of her mole. In most cases, you’ll have the ability to enjoy your newly smooth skin permanently.

Am I suitable Candidate?

If you’re unhappy through the figure of a mole or are pertained to that one irregularly shame or fancy mole might be cancerous, you are likely the perfect candidate because that mole removal. This treatment option is safe and effective for most patients nevertheless of age, skin type, or skin tone.

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Male and also female patients have actually benefitted from quick, painless removal on any component of the body v zero downtime and easy, straightforward recovery time. If you have actually questions about your candidacy, among our doctors can aid you determine whether this treatment is appropriate for you during your initial consultation.

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