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This post was medically the review by Kathleen cook Suozzi, MD, Assistant Professor in the room of Dermatology, Yale school of Medicine.
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A piercing is an open up wound, so over there is the opportunity of infection. Giulio Fornasar/Getty images
A nose piercing bump can be caused by a keloid, a granuloma, tissue damage, and more. One allergy to the metal in your piercing, especially nickel or cobalt, can also cause a bump. A granuloma will certainly go away on that is own, but you can have to view a doctor to remove a keloid.
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A nose piercing deserve to be a cute accessory, yet it"s not so cute when a bump pops increase on the skin alongside your piercing.

You might have the ability to treat the bump at home, yet other times it might be the sign of a dangerous epidemic that needs clinical aid.

Here are five causes for that bump and what to execute in each case.

1. Allergy reaction

"Allergic reactions reason inflammation and also swelling, i m sorry can create a bump," states Hadley King, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, and clinical instructor in ~ the Weill clinical College of Cornell University.

Your body views the piercing together an invader and may react by leading to itching, swelling, and blistering at the site.

An allergic reaction come a piercing is frequently caused by one allergy come the steel in the jewelry. You deserve to be allergy to any kind of metal, yet the most typical metal allergies space nickel and also cobalt.

Nose piercing allergy bumps room generally little but may be surrounding by a rash of red, scaly skin.They deserve to be very itchy and also tend to be an ext irritated 보다 painful.

How to treat it: "Hypoallergenic piercings should be used, such as surgical steel or titanium," King advises. Convert to a much less irritating steel can permit your skin to patience down and get rid that the nose bump. The reaction deserve to take two to four weeks to fully fade.

2. Granuloma

A granuloma is a reddish bump that appears when your immune system creates extra blood vessels roughly a international object choose a piercing. Granulomas space usually much less than a centimeter wide and they have tendency to present up top top or right next to the piercing site.

The granuloma acts as a barrier to defend your body, states King.

Granulomas on nose piercings are regularly red or brownish-black, feel tender come the touch, and also may bleed easily.

How come treat it: If you have a granuloma, it"s ideal to leave the piercing alone and let her body heal on that own.

Don"t switch out your sleep jewelry and don"t move it any much more than is required for cleaning, King says, as this deserve to interrupt the healing process and cause irritation. Granulomas have the right to take a couple of months to fade on their own, or you can see a dermatologist to talk about treatment options.

If you have to rotate the jewelry because that cleaning, make certain the area is wet an initial so it moves with much less friction.

3. Infection

If you don"t clean a brand-new nose piercing regularly, bacteria can get into the open wound and also cause an infection. Many often, you"ll have redness and swelling approximately the infected area and your nose may feel extra tender.

You may build a tiny red bump about the piercing, an especially if there is any kind of trapped pus under the skin.

How to treat it:Some infections may be dangerous if you don"t acquire medical treatment. "If there are signs of infection such as pain, throbbing or pus, the area need to be evaluated by a doctor," King says. To prevent infection, make certain to clean her piercing twice everyday with a saline solution.

4. Keloid

A keloid creates when your body produces too much scar tissue throughout the heal process, King says. They look choose firm, raised scars and can be flesh-colored, reddish, or darker than your skin tone. Keloids normally don"t hurt but can become irritated if they rub up against your clothes.

You"re much more likely to build a keloid if you have actually a genetic bias or you have actually a darker skin tone.

How come treat it: If your sleep bump is native a keloid, climate you must remove the piercing appropriate away. This may help slow your body"s exaggerated healing reaction.

Keloids normally don"t go away on their own, therefore you"ll have to see your physician to treat it. A dermatologist deserve to freeze the growth, inject steroids, or usage laser therapy to help it heal. Depending on which treatment you use, it can take a couple of months because that keloids to be totally treated. Also after treatment, the skin may not go earlier to it"s normal appearance, yet the keloid should be reduced.

If you"re prone to keloids, girlfriend may have actually to provide up your nose piercing and know that future piercings may likewise cause keloids, therefore it"s probably finest to protect against them.

5. Tissue Damage

"Damaged tissue can end up being inflamed and also swollen, developing a bump," King says.

This kind of bang is usually reddish, puffy, and very painful. The dimension of the bang will rely on just how much tissue was damaged.

The skin on your nose is sensitive and also can be quickly damaged if you room too unstable on a brand-new piercing. This can happen from changing the jewel too shortly or even wiping your nose forcefully.

How to treat it: If the tissue damages was minor, such together from a minor blow to your nose, you likely won"t have to see a doctor and the bump should improve with time. If over there is significant bleeding or intense pain, view your physician to identify what kind of treatment you need.

How to care for your sleep piercing

You should clean her piercing at the very least twice per day v a systems of water mixed with antibacterial soap or salt. You must keep this up because that at the very least two months, or till the piercing no much longer feels perceptible to the touch. In part cases, sleep piercings can take increase to 6 months come heal."s takeaway

Nose piercing bumps are an unpleasant side effect, however you can often remove them ~ above your very own or with help from her doctor. Cleaning the piercing, using hypoallergenic metals, and also not emotional the area have the right to all assist to get rid of nose bumps.

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See your doctor if friend have any concerning symptom like too much bleeding and swelling. And to avoid future bump it always helps to, "have piercings excellent by a reliable and also experienced professional," King says.