DeleteMe’s Whitepages Review

Whitepages collects and also posts all kinds of personal information publicly online. Removing you yourself from Whitepages needs you come fill out an opt-out form, and also verify her request over the phone. After ~ that, her listing need to be removed within 24 hours. Speed: 2, FastDifficulty: 4, Hard
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2. Find her listing and click “View Details”, and you’ll be taken to your listing through your an individual information.

4.Go to their opt-out page, and paste the URL to your listing: Click the “Opt-out” switch on this page.

5.The following page will certainly ask friend to check that this is her listing. Click the “Remove me” switch on this page.

6.They will certainly then ask friend why you want to opt out of Whitepages. We like “I as with to store my details private”. Click ‘Submit’.

7.Next, you will must verify your identity with a phone call call. Kind in your phone number, and they will give you a verification code to form on the following page. Make certain you inspect the little box underneath. Click “Call currently to verify”.

Screenshot take away by Julianne Subia/Abine.

8.Finally, you’ll receive a robo-call asking for the verification code the pops up on the following screen. As soon as prompted, dial the confirmation code. The robot will tell you that your opt-out inquiry was accepted, and may take up to 24 hours for your profile to be eliminated from Whitepages.

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Screenshot bring away by Julianne Subia/Abine.

Note: Whitepages has ‘Premium’ listings, in enhancement to the standard, non-premium listings. Typically, the ‘Premium’ listings contain much more personal info than the ‘free’ or ‘standard’ listings, and also require payment, generally a fees of $9.99. Removing you yourself from Whitepages will not remove you native Whitepages Premium. You have the right to check out our write-up on exactly how to opt-out that Whitepages Premium for step-by-step instructions.

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