Do friend feel favor someone is constantly watching you and also tracking wherein you are? If you do, then you are more than likely correct. Apps on your smartphone often encompass tracking that follows what you do and also where girlfriend go.

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If you desire a bit more privacy, there is a means to turn off tracking. We’ll aid you discover out who is tracking you and also how to placed an end to it for both Android and iPhone devices.

If you want to recognize more, you can also check our overview on how to uninstall Apps in your Andriod.

Find the end which apps have actually location data access

It’s a very an excellent idea to begin with a review of the apps on your phone that have accessibility to place data. There space legitimate reasons for plenty of apps to track your location, for this reason be mindful that denying accessibility to location tracking may prevent some apps from functioning properly. A navigation app like Google Maps, because that example, is no going to be almost everywhere near as useful if that doesn’t know where friend are. Typical apps to watch for location tracking include:

Rideshare apps: Apps choose Uber and also Lyft will track your place for your drivers, and they may do it constantly, not just when you require a ride. Over there isn’t usually a way to turn off ar tracking because that these apps there is no disabling them.

Deal and also coupon apps: these apps try to glean together much details from you as possible for advertisement purposes, and that has tendency to include your ar data.

News and also weather apps: this apps track your data, in component to provide an ext targeted information based on where girlfriend are. However they frequently don’t must do so to operate.

Streaming apps: Yes, even apps favor Netflix will certainly track her location, and they don’t really have a great reason for doing so, other than potentially handling geo-restricted content.

Social media apps: few of the most infamous location trackers!

Car insurance money apps: Many automobile insurance apps deserve to use the sensors in her phone to not only check on your location but actually calculation how rapid you room driving or exactly how sharply girlfriend brake, etc.

How to prevent ar tracking on one Android phone

If you have actually an Android device, and also you desire to revolve off location tracking entirely, climate it’s easy to do, return the precise instructions may differ contempt from phone come phone. In ~ the moment, most Android phones monitor a similar route, though this may change with updates.




On a Google Pixel 4, walk to Settings > Location and also toggle Use location off.

On a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, walk to Settings > Location and toggle the off.

On a Huawei P40 Pro, walk to Settings > place and toggle off it off.

This will turn off all ar tracking, therefore no apps will certainly be able to access your location. The also means that, in theory, Google and also the call manufacturer won’t monitor or conserve your location, despite there’s proof it will anyway. Girlfriend may also still gain ads based on your IP attend to location.

Unfortunately, transforming off location altogether also way that you can’t track your phone if it goes missing, friend can’t view or re-publishing your location in Google Maps or other map services, and also some other services and also apps might not work and also they otherwise would.

Another setup worth looking in ~ if you desire to limit Google’s tracking is her Web & application Activity. Friend can discover full accuse on exactly how to control and also delete searches and browsing activity, which sometimes also includes location, native Google.

How to simply restrict details apps in Android

If you decide that turning off place tracking completely is a action too far, you have the right to still toggle off details apps that you’d favor not to have actually location access. As soon as again, the accuse will differ a tiny depending on your phone.



Things space a little much more straightforward through iOS, for this reason if you desire to rotate off location tracking on your iPhone, or simply restrict details apps, climate you should go come Settings > Privacy > ar Services, whereby you can pick to toggle Location Services off completely.

Bear in mind the this will impact some services and also apps, such as Maps and also Find mine iPhone, so it might be a step too far. Although, it’s worth noting that ar Services have the right to be re-enabled on the an equipment if the in lost Mode. You deserve to put your iPhone into Lost setting via iCloud.

In Settings > Privacy > place Services, you’ll additionally see a list of apps that have actually location data accessibility and you deserve to tap on each one and decide even if it is it need to be enabled to access your place Never, While using the App, or Always.

What around the ar data already recorded?

Now that you’ve prevented various apps and services from tracking your place going forward, you may be wondering whether you deserve to delete the place data that service providers have already collected around your movements.

If you have actually an Android phone, then you deserve to ask Google to delete your place history. Just follow the link, make sure you’re signed in to your Google account, and tap the Delete location History button. Bear in mind the it will delete the information permanently and you won’t have the ability to get that back. You can sign onto her Google account top top any maker to delete your background this way.


If you want to permanently protect against Google indigenous every using ar data again, this visit this webpage after you room done. Where it says Location History, make certain the alternative is toggled off. This is likewise a menu where you deserve to see any type of past activities that Google has actually been tracking in enhancement to location, so it might be worth perusing.


Apple does points differently: your iPhone continually monitors wherein it is so the Apple can put with each other a perform of significant Locations, places where you commonly go and also spend time (work, home, cafes, bars, parks, and also anywhere else). Apple does this come automate destinations on the Maps app and also reports the the data is encrypted and cannot it is in accessed also by Apple, but if you find it invasive then you deserve to stop it.


If you have actually an iPhone, then go to Settings > Privacy > ar Services and scroll down to uncover System Services > far-reaching Locations. Sign in if you require to, and also then look for the Clear History switch at the bottom. Choose this to delete past locations.

If you don’t desire Apple to monitor this details again, make certain the toggle in ~ the optimal is switched off prior to you near Settings.

Third-party service providers storing your data

Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward way to decide or remove the data that companies collect if you’re using connected apps. If you desire to take matters into your own hands, you could call the details company that is collecting your data and also review their privacy policy. Many likely, though, they’ll have currently sold your data by the time. Yes no law legally requiring carriers to assist you in the unified States.

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However, if you a european Union resident, over there are details laws that protect you. Legally, you have the right to request a personal copy of all the details a firm has stored about you— which has your ar data. 

On peak of the appropriate to request that data, you additionally have the right to questioning them come delete it. For extr information about how come request your data and also your privacy rights, girlfriend can discover the U.K. Details Commissioner’s Office guide. Also though it’s her legal right, friend may have to jump v some really hopes to protect your data. If you want to an increase your privacy, over there are methods to defend yourself. Us recommend using one of the best Android VPN apps or the finest iPhone VPN apps on your device.