" data-pin-description="Two vital kitchen cleaning hacks to properly remove bad smells native silicone & plastic kitchenware. Banish odors that garlic, onions, sauerkraut & tomato indigenous lids, spatulas and also other kitchen tools. DIY household cleaning tips." alt="Remove poor Smells from Plastic & Silicone Fermentation Tools" class="dpsp-post-pinterest-image-hidden-inner" />
" data-pin-description="Two vital kitchen cleaning hacking to efficiently remove bad smells indigenous silicone & plastic kitchenware. Banish odors of garlic, onions, sauerkraut & tomato native lids, spatulas and also other kitchen tools. DIY family members cleaning tips." alt="Kitchen clean Hacks: eliminate Odors native Plastic and Silicone" class="dpsp-post-pinterest-image-hidden-inner" />
" data-pin-description="Two essential kitchen cleaning hacking to effectively remove bad smells from silicone & plastic kitchenware. Banish odors the garlic, onions, sauerkraut & tomato native lids, spatulas and also other kitchen tools. DIY family members cleaning tips." alt="How to remove odors native silicone. | lasignoralaura.com" class="dpsp-post-pinterest-image-hidden-inner" />

Have girlfriend tried to eliminate lingering smells from plastics or silicone to no avail?

My favourite fermentation load is made from silicone. The works like a charm for maintaining fermenting sauerkraut, pastes, relishes and brine-fermented vegetables listed below the brine. However, it maintain odors. Locks onto them through steel fists. As with the silicone sealing ring in myInstant Potthat ns gifted myself because that Christmas critical year.

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I searched long and hard and also tested various techniques to figure out how best to eliminate odors produced by solid smelling foods – onions, garlic, tomatoes, and… sauerkraut! – from silicone or plastic. In the process, I uncovered two vital keys come finding approaches that work.

My Criteria because that Removing Odors from Plastic and Silicone

A little of research caused two different solutions. Due to the fact that plastic and also silicone room made from different materials, they need separate approaches for removing their odors. But, whatever the method, I wanted to feeling comfortable using it.

No nasty chemicals.I save a nice “green” home, for this reason I’m not about to buy part harsh chemistry to clean my fermentation weights or lids.No harsh abrasives.Abrasives can damages both silicone and plastic, release their production chemicals or remove non-stick properties.No high heat.With silicone, using also of a high leaches out chemicals. V plastic, high warmth sets odors.

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Odors v Silicone


Silicone is supplied in a selection of fermentation tools. One of my favourite fermentation weights, the Pickle Pusher, reviewed here, is made from silicone. Many fermentation lids use a silicone gasket because that a leak-proof seal. MasonTop"s Pickle Pipe, reviewed here, and also their manycopy-cats space made from silicone. And, come keep little bits indigenous floating come the surface during fermentation, some use a silicone mat as a Floaties Trap.