If you space like most people, girlfriend probably have actually at least a couple of plain white t-shirts hanging in your closet. There is also a pretty an excellent chance that you have some that you no much longer wear due to the fact that of ashamed yellow stains in the armpits. Us all sweat and, unfortunately, that can lead to uncomfortable underarm stains–especially top top white garments.

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When throwing your white shirt in the washer isn’t sufficient to remove stains, nothing sweat it! here are a few methods to eliminate underarm stains from your favorite white t-shirt.

Dish Soap

When you have sweat stains that just will no budge, your kitchen may have the answer. Integrate one part dish soap v two components hydrogen peroxide and also apply come the stain. Scrub and also then let sit for an hour. To wash thoroughly before washing.

Meat Tenderizer

This one may sound a little bit unusual, however a bit of meat tenderizer might eliminate stubborn underarm stains. This common kitchen ingredient helps failure proteins and also can make stains a thing of the past. Prior to you wash your stained shirt, dampen it and also sprinkle some meat tenderizer top top the stain. Then, wash as usual.


Is that unsightly stain providing you a headache? Take two aspirins for yourself and also use two more to law the stain! Crush two aspirin tablets into powder and mix through one-half cup heat water. Use the solution to the stain and let sit for two to three hours and then wash together usual.


In enhancement to make your garments smell fresh and fruity, a lemon can eliminate an unsightly underarm stain. Mix equal components of lemon juice and also water and also then use the equipment to scrub far the stain.


Salt is one more common kitchen ingredient that many human being swear by once it concerns getting rid the underarm stains. To shot this trick, dissolve 4 tablespoons that salt in a quart of hot water. Use the systems to a sponge and then dab in ~ the stain till it disappears.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a clean powerhouse. It seems favor you can use it because that just around everything, and also laundry is no exception. If friend are handling yellow sweat stains, pour a little bit of vinegar directly on the stain. Obstacle it into the fabric and then throw the garment in the washer. As a bonus, white vinegar will also remove deodorant stains. Score!

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a an effective stain remover. Do a paste by combining 4 tablespoons the baking soda and about one-fourth cup of warmth water. Obstacle the dough in the shirt and also then launder. For especially stubborn stains, let the dough dry because that at least two hours prior come washing the shirt.


While the isn’t for sure for delicate fabrics, Borax is an efficient stain remover because that sturdier garments like polyester shirts. Combine around a tablespoon that the flour with enough water to produce a paste. Rub into the underarm area and also let sit for about a fifty percent hour. Scrub the dried dough off and also then wash the shirt as usual.


Having her favorite shirt damaged by underarm stains might be sufficient to make you need a drink, but that is not why we are arguing vodka. Believe it or not, combining equal components vodka and warm water can aid you eliminate sweat stains. Mix up the solution in a spray bottle and spray on the stain before washing as usual.


Ammonia is effective for removing underarm perspiration stains and also urine and blood stains. Combine equal components ammonia and also water and also dab top top the stained area. Launder as usual. Ammonia functions well for removing stains, yet remember the you must never integrate ammonia and bleach.

Cold Water

Sometimes the finest solutions room the simplest ones. By rinsing stain-prone apparel under cold water before washing it, you can prevent stains prior to they happen. Gently obstacle the armpit area if rinsing to assist loosen increase stains prior to throwing her shirt in the washing machine. If over there are already signs of yellowing, don’t to wash in hot water as it could set the stain.

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Don’t let underarm stains acquire you down. Even if her laundry detergent and normal pre-treatment assets aren’t act the trick, friend probably have at the very least one that the products noted above come try. There room a many of great stain-removing tools in her kitchen and bathroom. Feel complimentary to experiment to number out i beg your pardon one works ideal for you.