Each Praying Mantis Egg situation from Josh’s Frogs consists of 50-200 infant Chinese praying mantids (Tenodera sinensis), just waiting to flower out! Josh’s Frogs sends out you 2 egg situations for the price of one! Praying Mantids are simple to store as pets!


Typically, praying mantis egg situations will hatch within 3-10 weeks. If you great to delay hatching, merely keep the egg case in a frozen fridge in a non-airtight container, then eliminate it 1-2 months prior to you want it come hatch. Please keep in mind that a really low portion of Praying Mantis Egg situations may be infertile – that’s why we market 2 for the price the 1!

Housing the nymphs

Keeping praying mantids together pets is easy with a couple of simple steps. Plenty of times, the praying mantids might hatch and also leave the egg case in less than 24 hrs – it’s easy to miss them! making use of a 32oz Insect Cup with Vented Lid, us make 2 slits in the lid and also run a zip tie with it, using it to secure the egg case to the lid, so the the ‘gills’ are dealing with downward. In the bottom that the cup, we ar a pair layers of file towel. Every few days, add a bit of water to the file towel to store it moist and also raise the humidity in the Insect Cup. Intend the egg case to flower in 3-10 weeks.

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Once the praying mantids hatch, sell food within 24 hours or they might start eating each other! we recommend housing the mantids personally in 32oz Insect Cups through Vented Lids.

Each ootheca has dozens to thousands of baby mantids. You re welcome be prepared for them when they flower – mantids make great gifts because that others, and even an excellent snacks for countless different types of reptiles and also amphibians (and every other, if you perform not housethem individually).

Keep a slim layer of record towel on the bottom, and carry out a few thin rod or twigs for the praying mantis come climb and perch on. Spray the cup lightly through water every 1-2 days.


From flower on to around 4 weeks of age, the praying mantids will be able to consume hydei fruit flies, which are really easy to culture with a Josh’s Frogs Fruit fly Culturing Kit. ~ the mantid outgrows the flies, sell crickets. Feed 2-3 paris every few days. If flies are still current in the Insect Cup at the time of feeding, skip a feeding.

Things to store in mind

Since each ootheca consists of dozens to thousands of baby mantids, please be all set for them when they hatch – mantids make an excellent gifts because that others, and also even great snacks for numerous different types of reptiles and amphibians (and every other, if you carry out not home them individually).

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We perform not recommend releasing Chinese praying mantids (Tenodera sinensis) the end in the garden because that pest control, as they space not a aboriginal species.

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