Its a trouble that’s to be haunting men due to the fact that the dawn that life- those yellow sweat stains ~ above the earlier of your white shirt collar, armpits or cuffs! really gross and really unattractive! So, this is what you perform to get rid of them:

It all starts v maintaining the crisp initial white color of the fabric, so you’re walking to have to start come take care of the shirt prior to its laundered.

DO no dry her shirt as soon as it has actually deep stains of any sort. Drying those discolorations will only imprint lock deeper right into the fabric.

Before you either take her shirt come the dried cleaners, or wash it yourself, use some spray stain remover referred to as Shout over the impacted area.

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Spray the hell out of that collar, cuff, or underarm and use as lot as you’d like. Then, work/scrub the collar as lot as friend can. I usage my fingernail to get a most friction but you deserve to use a sponge or any sort the texturized rag the will work-related the Shout equipment deep into the fabric.


Then wait 5 minutes for the shout to really get-all-up-in-that stain. Girlfriend should currently see the stain beginning to disappear from the collar somewhat. Finally, stick the in the washing an equipment with some mild detergent on a warm water cycle and high turn to yes, really suck those stains out.

After its done, check up ~ above the stain. If its no gone or nearly gone, just repeat the procedure again, probably using a bit an ext vigor once working the shout right into the fabric. DO NOT dry the shirt in the dryer, specifically a dress shirt, since the stain will certainly be lot harder to remove after that dried right into the fabric.


What I prefer to execute is climate air-dry mine shirt and and climate take them to the cleaners to gain ironed/pressed because I’m pretty poor with one iron.

There space other commodities out there that I have actually used, consisting of Grandma’s Stain Remover from Walmart (which functioned wonders on a deep wine stain on a pair the chinos), however Shout seems to be the most accessible, effective, and well known. Allow me understand if you have any type of other suggestions other than throw the shirts out and buying brand-new ones!

Also precious noting is that normally speaking, the thicker and an ext brushed the cloth is, say like a twill or flannel, the an ext sweat, hair, and grime, will certainly stick come the shirt. Poplins and also pinpoint structure will tempt less stains, return they i will not ~ be immune altogether.

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I additionally get nasty stains ~ above the cuffs of my white shirts! yet using Shout, i can easily keep lock clean when they require a cleaning!