It happens to the ideal marketers. You find for her website ~ above Google and notice the search engine has actually indexed some pages the you would have desired to keep private or hidden. This can include outdated information, duplicate contents or content that includes sensitive or private information.

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Once you’ve found this content on Google, one of your first reactions may be to panic.



Take a breath! and also remember the adhering to options for getting content removed from Google’s cache:

1) remove or upgrade the content

Before applying a no-index tag, decision what type of content you room dealing with:

If the content in question is the a personal nature, remove the content from your site or ensure security is enabled on the web page so that crawlers are not maybe to access password-protected content. If removed the contents completely, be sure to set up a 301 redirect so users have the right to be sent out to a appropriate page rather of being met with a 404 error page.If the contents only requirements to be updated, make your changes in her CMS and also then permit Google come re-index quickly by entering the URL into Google search Console.If the duplicate content (for example, any type of blocks of content that appear an ext than once across the site) that must remain on your website, store the content as is and also then use a no-index tag come the pages you execute not desire indexed. In addition, implement a rel=canonical link reference come the page you execute want indexed.

At this point, you can wait for Google come re-crawl your website and the content need to drop the end of search outcomes or it is in updated automatically.


But, if the content worry is urgent and you would favor it to be removed right away, continue to step 2.

2) Add the URL to the “Removals” device in Google search Console

Google search Console is a totally free tool offered to anyone the manages or own a website.

If you space not currently a verified owner that the website, follow verification instructions provided by Google then:

Log in to your accountChoose “Removal” from the “Index” menuSelect the “Temporary Removals” tabHit the “New Request” switch (keep that on “Remove this URL only”) and enter the URL that the page you wish to remove completely from search results and also Google’s cacheThen click “Submit Request”


Google will certainly typically process your inquiry within 24-48 hours.

Other choices in this section:

If you’d prefer the URL to remain however you want the cache and also snippet because that the page to be updated faster:Select the “Clear Cached URL” tabIf you’d choose to remove whole folder or brochure of your website from search results:Select “Remove all URLs with this prefix”

You’ll know when your request has been processed once a “Removed” status shows up on your Submitted requests list. Please keep in mind this is only a momentary fix. To permanently eliminate the content you must remove the from your website or upgrade the source page.


If you space looking come ensure your content is being gotten rid of as easily as possible, Google offers second tool to eliminate outdated pages, the is a part of search Console; yet is accessed through the public Search Console aid page. Because that this application, you perform not have to be a proved owner that the website. Once you enter the URL you great to delete, the tool will then analyze the URL to recognize whether the contents was removed. If it has, the will process your request as an Outdated page Removal. The immediate detection is protection from unauthorized page removal requests.

3) inspect search results to identify if removal was successful

Sometimes, after successfully removing a web page from the index, girlfriend may discover that the web page still exist within search results and the cache.

To examine whether it has actually been removed, go into the specific URL into the find bar and also see what results are returned.

The removal inquiry is case-sensitive, so you will should submit many versions that the URL if her URLs do not redirect to their lower-case versions and also if canonicalization is no present.


It is thought about an SEO finest practice come ensure all pages redirect to their lower instance version since search engines identify URLs v different instances as being various pages.

4) Ensure friend have adhered to Google’s remove Guidelines

Remember the the attach removal request that you’ve submitted v Google find Console is no permanent. After 90 days her content can return to search results pages if you haven’t perform the complying with actions toblock access to your content:

Block URLs v robots.txtBlock URLs by password-protecting your server directoriesBlock find indexing v meta tagsOpt-out of display screen on Google+ Local and other Google Properties

With all the in place, you should be good to go!


Blocking URLs through robots.txt only tells find engines not to crawl the page but it might still appear in find results. The best way to remove content is by deleting the web page entirely. If you perform this, be certain to collection up an proper 301 Redirect as we stated at the beginning of this article. The or add a no-index tag to the page with a canonical referral to the appropriate/original page.



Still having actually problems?

Google go not administer phone support for these type of issues; however, friend can attach with other individuals that may have actually had similar issues to you yourself on the Google Product forums.

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If that doesn’t work-related for you and your organization is struggling with just how Google is indexing her content, don’t hesitate to contact us or submit a question through our website. We’d be happy to help!

This blog was originally published top top December 10, 2015 however was update in February of 2020.