Steps to remove yourself together a Facebook web page Admin using a smartphone:

removed yourself as the Admin of a Facebook web page using only the on facebook mobile app is a simple, five step process. Learn how to remove yourself together a Facebook web page Admin ~ above desktop. You can also check out our accuse on how to delete a facebook Page.

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Open the on facebook app and also navigate come the Facebook page you no much longer want to manage.Tap the upper appropriate three dot icon next to the find bar and select modify Settings.Tap web page Roles in the settings menu.Tap the pencil icon next to her name.Tap the eliminate button and confirm.

Step 1: open the facebook app and find the page you want to change

Open the Facebook application on your smartphone. Use the find bar or the main Menu come find and open the Facebook page from i m sorry you great to remove yourself together Admin.


Find and also select the page from which you great to remove yourself.


Step 2: open the web page Settings menu

Once you are on the correct on facebook Page, open up the web page Menu and select edit Settings.

step 3: open the web page Roles list

On the resulting web page Settings page pick Page Roles.


Step 4: open up your profile in web page Roles

Find your Profile in the perform of page Roles and also open it utilizing the pencil icon.

action 5: eliminate yourself together a page Admin and confirm

Tap Remove and also confirm. You space no longer an Admin that the Facebook web page in question.


That’s it! No more annoying condition messages and reminders because that the on facebook Page. Should go v this process on a desktop computer? examine out how to remove yourself together a Facebook page Admin ~ above desktop.

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