The e-book transformation had already transformed the principle of “going come the library,” even prior to the pandemic confined large swaths that the populace to your homes and also shuttered plenty of public libraries in 2020. Forced isolation sustained the popular of borrowing e-books and audiobooks from local public libraries.

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As travel limitations fade and libraries as soon as again open to the public, brand-new habits the borrowing all the publications you want from her couch have become more firmly established. Services favor OverDrive permit public libraries distribute their collections basically as e-books, which you deserve to read via apps on her iOS or Android machine or quickly transfer to dedicated e-reader devices, such together a Kindle, Kobo, or Nook. Here’s exactly how to get started.

Borrowing library e-books because that iOS and Android


OverDrive is one of the world’s many popular circulation platforms because that e-books, audiobooks, music, and videos. Libby is OverDrive’s app, designed for iOS and Android devices and on the net via a desktop or laptop computer. It allows patrons browse your library’s content and check out selections. Come begin, download the Libby app from one of two people the Play keep for Android tools or the application Store for iOS devices. As soon as downloaded, monitor the steps below to begin borrowing e-books from your public library.






Open the Libby app and select Yes to indicate you have a library card.To look up her library by name, pick I’ll search For A Library.Enter your ZIP password or city right into the box and select your library mechanism from the list the appears.Libby will certainly guess your local library. If the is incorrect, pick Choose one more Location. Otherwise, tap on the name of your library.Enter her library map number and also click Sign In.Click the Next button.At the peak of the screen, get in the name of the publication you would like to locate.Once found, insanity the Borrow button.Confirm through hitting Borrow again.Tap Open Book to start reading.Tap the Libby switch to begin reading on her smart device.

Borrowing library e-books because that Kindle

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Borrowing e-books for her Kindle is basically the same procedure as borrowing because that iOS and also Android, other than after tapping Borrow a second time, perform this:

Tap the Kindle button.Follow the measures to authorize in v Amazon.Tap Get Library Book to have actually the e-book delivered to your Kindle.

Borrowing library e-books for Kobo

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All contemporary Kobo gadgets can download indigenous the OverDrive library organization directly, without the different Libby app. Come begin, rotate on her Kobo and make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi. As soon as ready, monitor the measures to borrow e-books from her public library utilizing your Kobo device:

From the Kobo residence screen, tap the Menu button in the upper-left corner of the screen.Select Settings > OverDrive.Tap the Get Started option.Click Sign in come OverDriveOn the Find a windy Library screen, go into your ZIP code to search for your regional library.Once found, tap your library to choose it.Enter her library map information.Next, select the Search button and enter the surname of the publication you would prefer to locate.Once found, click the Triple Star Button, then choose Borrow.Navigate come your home screen. You’ll find the borrowed e-book in her Kobo library.

The interface for Android or iOS looks favor this:

Borrowing library e-books for Nook


All Nook devices support publicly libraries. Go to your regional library’s website to uncover out if they assistance it and which company allows accessibility to their digital collection. You’ll require your Nook device, a local library card, user ID and also PIN, and Wi-Fi to obtain started. If you have actually a Nook Color, Nook Tablet, Nook HD, or Nook HD+, download the 3M Cloud Library app to uncover out the surname of the app your local library uses.

To borrow library eBooks on Nook Classic, Nook straightforward Touch, Nook straightforward Touch Glowlight, or Nook Glowlight, you’ll require your Nook device, a desktop or laptop computer system PC or Mac, a local library card, a user ID and also PIN, and internet access.

For the Nook, Nook Color, and also Nook Touch, you deserve to follow the steps below to manually deliver your OverDrive library publications from a computer. Because that Nook tablet devices that operation Android, Libby is the easiest solution. Prior to following the actions below, follow this attach to download Adobe Digital execution — the program used to borrow books for Nook, Nook Color, and also Nook Touch.

Open Adobe Digital Editions after ~ it has actually been mounted on your Mac or PC.When opened up for the an initial time, you must be asked come authorize the application. If not, walk to HelpAuthorize Computer. If you have actually an Adobe ID, climate your computer system may currently be authorized.If not, climate from the drop-down list, choose Adobe ID, then go into your Adobe login information. If you execute not have actually an Adobe account, press the Create one Adobe ID connect to produce one, then go back to this display to log in.Select Authorize.Once found, click it, then pick the Find in her Library button.Select her library from the list; if not presented, get in your ZIP code and click Search.Click the Borrow button.Select her library native the drop-down menu, then go into your library map number.Click the Sign In button.You will certainly be redirected to your book. Click the Borrow switch again.Hit Borrow come confirm.Select the alternative to Download your e-book and also click Confirm.To transfer the book to her Nook, plug the Nook right into your computer and return come the Adobe Digital editions app.Select your Nook ~ above the left next under Devices.Drag and drop the publication you download into the application.Your Nook might ask for permission to expropriate the file.Once transferred, unplug your Nook and also begin reading.

How carry out I return one e-book to the library?

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Your library e-book automatically returns itself once your library loan has expired. To return the publication early, open up the Libby app and select the Shelf option at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap on the e-book you great to manage and select Return Early. If you have a Nook device and offered the OverDrive website, you can revisit the website and log in making use of your library card. Once signed in, walk to the My Account section and also pick Loans. Indigenous here, friend can pick to return any kind of of your books early.

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What if ns have worries borrowing e-books?

If girlfriend are having trouble with obtaining one e-book indigenous the OverDrive service, we recommend you call your regional public library and speak come a reference librarian. Many librarians are acquainted with the procedure of obtaining digital books. Part libraries may not organize their collections v OverDrive. If this is the case, a librarian can direct you to the correct place for obtaining books. Additionally, if you do not have a library card, a librarian can aid you through the process.