It"s simpler than you could think to do your own drywall repair. We"ll display you just how to solve drywall and other damaged walls.

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solve damaged drywall v these DIY repair you deserve to do. Don"t melt down if a doorknob, misguided chair or an instant hockey video game knocks a big hole in your drywall. With a little patience, a little joint compound and a few dabs that paint even a novice can finish a near invisible wall surface repair.

Tools Required

Drywall sanderDrywall sawDust maskPaintbrushScrew gunTaping knifeUtility knife

Materials Required

DrywallDrywall screwsDrywall tapeJoint compound

How come patch a big hole in drywall: Overview

Measure the thickness of the drywall (most likely 1/2 in.), and look because that a huge enough scrap native a damaged item at a home facility as girlfriend see just how to deal with a feet in drywall, quite than to buy a full 4 x 8-ft. Sheet. Cut it to size and also screw it into place, spacing the screws every 6 in. Taping the edges of the job drywall to do it invisible is the trickiest part of the exactly how to settle drywall job. Buy a gallon bathtub of drywall compound and also a roll of record tape. You can use mesh tape, yet it isn’t as strong. If you have a most repairs, likewise buy a bag of 20-minute setup compound. The hardens quickly and also doesn’t shrink, therefore it’s ideal for filling cracks and also gaps before using the share tape. Because that smoothest results, additionally pick up functional 6- and 10-in. Taping knives.

Apply a coat of compound and also tape to every joint. Thin the compound a little bit with water to aid embed the tape. Smooth the tape through the 6-in. Knife, pulling the end from the facility toward each end. To express some, yet not all, of the compound out from under the ice cream so you don’t develop a huge hump top top the wall. Immediately apply a irradiate coating to the topside that the tape, tapering it the end onto the wall.

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The second and 3rd coats room to blend and also smooth the tape-recorded joints for this reason they’ll it is in invisible as soon as painted. After every coat is dry, collection a straightedge versus the wall surface to examine for apparent dips and bumps. Knock off bumps and also ridges v your taping knife. Add more coats together needed. Then sand, prime and paint. The adhering to will walk friend through much more important tips and steps for how to settle a hole in the wall.