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protect Your Privacy with an alternative Email attend to

When you interact using the proxy email address, your actual name still mirrors up, as does signature data, such together your company name and also phone number. If you"re concerned about your privacy, think about using a totally free alternate email attend to specifically because that purchases.

an ext Security advice

Part that the reason Craigslist supplies the proxy email system is to protect against scams and also the distribution of your private information. However it can only carry out so much. Carry out your component by not clicking links within any kind of email you obtain unless you trust the sender. Scammers deserve to doctor emails come look prefer they’re indigenous a details sender, such as Craigslist—so once in doubt, always contact the sender through Craigslist to verify.

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Additionally, when you’re in contact with a the person who lives or seller, you might want to exchange mobile number to make the transaction easier.While the majority of Craigslist users are trustworthy, go through your instincts prior to offering your mobile number. Also, remember to use personal security habits like conference in a neutral, windy location, such as a coffee shop or grocery keep parking lot.