The maritime Corps has actually lost much more than 25,000 Marines come misconduct over the past decade, according to Commandant Gen. David Berger.

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by Paul Szoldra | released Jul 17, 2019 5:40 afternoon

The marine Corps has lost much more than 25,000 Marines come misconduct over the past decade, follow to Commandant Gen. David Berger.

In his 2019 Commandant"s planning Guidance, Berger claimed that the Corps “continued ns of 8,000 Marines per year come non-EAS attrition is unacceptable,” utilizing an acronym to explain the finish of energetic service in one enlistment.

A full of 25,336 Marines were booted indigenous the Corps in between 2009 and 2019; 11,765 were for drug and also alcohol offenses, if 13,571 were end unspecified misconduct.

“This need to change,” Berger wrote, noting the the expense to change that numerous Marines was in excess the $1 billion.

Interestingly, the number have to be also higher, together its ar on drug use reveals. Since Oct. 2017, 2,410 Marines tested optimistic for illegal drug use, however only 1,175, or 48.8%, had actually been separated. “I am deeply troubled by the ongoing retention of Marines failing to adhere come our standards related to drug use.”

“We are an elite institution of warriors, and will remain so on mine watch,” Berger wrote. “It is our shared responsibility to ensure the continued health that our collective soul and also identity.”

Toward the finish of the 26-page document, which largely focused on alters Berger intended come implement together the top maritime officer, the brand-new commandant talked about misconduct in the force and also what he dubbed “destructive” behavior.

Of sexual assault, because that example, Berger said that regardless of the Corps" efforts, “the ongoing rise in reporting leads me come conclude that us still carry out not completely understand the scope and also scale of this issue, or the we deserve to say with any type of confident the the measures we have taken to date are avoiding sexual assaults.”

The number of reported sexual attacks in the maritime Corps climbed by 20% in budget year 2018, according to the most recent DoD statistics. Meanwhile, Berger stated that that believes hazing is “likely underreported,” and also the Corps had likewise seen rise in reports that hazing end the past four years.

“Hazing is both a crime and evidence of bad leadership by our and officers,” Berger wrote.

The Corps has had actually a variety of high-profile cases of misconduct this year, with six commanding police officers being relieved of command in simply the previous two months alone. Berger, because that his part, stated that leaders should be hosted accountable whenever they fail come measure as much as the service"s standards.

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“When us fail to organize the standard, us establish new lower standards. Elite institutions do not accept mediocrity and also they perform not look the other means when teammates come up short of expectations. Us must organize each various other accountable,” Berger wrote.

“There is no ar in our maritime Corps for those that deliberately misuse your authority come physically or sexually assault another; no place for those who threat the stays of those they look for to offer by operation a motor car while impaired; no location for those who are intolerant that their fellow Marines" gender or sexual orientation; no place for those who communicate in residential violence; and no ar for racists – whether their intolerance and also prejudice be direct or indirect, knowingly or unintentional.”


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