Facebook is a good tool, however it no without that is issues. Anyone can produce a Facebook team for any kind of purpose. While numerous sports teams and also clubs use groups to organize things, there are additionally Groups the are offered to coordinate abuse, offer illegal substances, and generally just violate Facebook’s terms of Service. If you find one, here’s how to report it to Facebook.

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Head to the offending Group and click on the 3 dots. Girlfriend don’t need to be a member to see them.


From the dropdown, choose Report Group.


Select the reason you’re reporting the Group and also click Continue.


Facebook will offer you a range of feasible actions. To place a report, choose Submit to facebook for Review.


On mobile, the procedure is similar. Visit the group. If you room a member tap Info and then Report Group.


If friend ware not a member, insanity View group Info and also then Report Group.


You must only report a team if the whole thing is break Facebook’s regards to Service. If there’s just one or 2 posts, you have the right to report them individually instead.


An inner investigation through Facebook has actually uncovered hundreds of groups and pages, with countless members and followers, that assistance the QAnon conspiracy theory, follow to internal firm documents the review by NBC News.

The investigation’s preliminary results, which were listed to NBC News through a facebook employee, shed brand-new light top top the scope of activity and content from the QAnon ar on Facebook, a scale formerly undisclosed by Facebook and unreported by the news media, due to the fact that most the the groups are private.

The peak 10 groups identified in the investigation jointly contain much more than 1 million members, v totals from more top groups and pages pushing the variety of members and followers previous 3 million. That is no clear how much overlap over there is amongst the groups.

The examination will likely inform what, if any, action Facebook decides come take against its QAnon community, follow to the documents and also two existing Facebook employees that spoke on the problem of anonymity due to the fact that they were no authorized come speak publicly ~ above the matter. The company is considering an option comparable to its dealing with of anti-vaccination content, i beg your pardon is to disapprove advertising and also exclude QAnon groups and also pages from search results and also recommendations, an activity that would mitigate the community’s visibility.

An announcement about Facebook’s ultimate decision is also expected to target members of “militias and also other violent society movements,” follow to the documents and also Facebook employees.

Facebook has actually been key to QAnon’s growth, in big part because of the platform’s teams feature, which has also seen a far-ranging uptick in use since the society network began emphasizing that in 2017.

There are tens that millions of active groups, a on facebook spokesperson called NBC News in 2019, a number that has probably grown since the agency began serving up group short articles in users’ key feeds. While most teams are specialized to unauthorized content, extremists, native QAnon conspiracy philosophers to anti-vaccination activists, have also used the groups function to prosper their audiences and spread misinformation. On facebook aided that development with its referrals feature, it is provided by a an enig algorithm that suggests groups to individuals seemingly based upon interests and also existing group membership.


Inside the rise of Qanon-affiliated candidates because that Congress

Facebook has been researching the QAnon movement since at the very least June. In July, a facebook spokesperson said NBC News that that firm was investigating QAnon as part of a bigger look at groups with potential ties come violence.

A tiny team working throughout several that Facebook’s departments uncovered 185 ads that the agency had embraced “praising, supporting, or representing” QAnon, according to one internal write-up shared among much more than 400 employees. The ads generated around $12,000 because that Facebook and 4 million impressions in the critical 30 days.

Some the the many recent ads included one because that a “QAnon March because that Children” in Detroit, and several retailers selling QAnon merchandise, according to Facebook’s searchable ad library. Countless now-inactive QAnon ads additionally ran freshly on Instagram, i beg your pardon is own by Facebook. Most of the Instagram accounts that ran those ads were exit or removed, follow to the advertisement library.

A facebook spokesperson stated the firm has routinely applied its rules on QAnon groups.

“Enforcing versus QAnon on on facebook is no new: we repeatedly take action against accounts, Groups, and Pages tied come QAnon that break our rules. Simply last week, we removed a huge Group through QAnon affiliations because that violating our content policies, and also removed a network of accounts for violating ours policies versus coordinated inauthentic behavior,” the spokesperson, that asked no to be named for fear of harassment from the QAnon community, composed in one emailed statement. “We have teams assessing our policies versus QAnon and are at this time exploring added actions we deserve to take.”

The potential cracked down follows a campaign from tendency advertisers and lawmakers come curtail misinformation and hate speech on Facebook. Together with a far-ranging summer heralding boycott, 20 state attorneys general and also the congressional democratic Women’s Caucus wrote separate letters last week urging on facebook to force its policies and also clean increase its platform.

Some members of Facebook’s cross-departmental team tasked through tracking QAnon for the internal investigation speak they are involved the agency will decrease to half QAnon teams outright, opting because that weaker enforcement actions, according to one current employee. Those employees have actually shared comes to with one one more that QAnon can influence the 2020 election, the employee added, noting that the pages and also groups most most likely violate Facebook’s currently policies versus misinformation and extremism.

Facebook and other platforms confront a unique difficulty in moderating QAnon communities, stated Joan Donovan, director of the Kennedy School’s Shorenstein facility on Media Politics and also Public policy at Harvard. The platforms act both together the “base infrastructure” for networking and also spreading content and also a target of the conspiracy concept itself, i m sorry frames Facebook and also other platforms together “oppressive power that seek to destroy truth,” Donovan said.

“Facebook is definitely the biggest piece the the QAnon infrastructure,” Donovan said. “While human being who have actually bought right into these disinformation projects are already affected, staying clear of it from spreading to brand-new groups and new audiences is one intervention, amongst many, that space needed. Unless there is some sort of coordination between platform providers to get rid of the key QAnon influencers, the will continuously pop back up.”

Facebook’s anticipated move follows Twitter’s more aggressive activity against QAnon. In July, Twitter announced it had banned 7,000 QAnon accounts for breaking that rules around platform manipulation, misinformation and also harassment. Twitter likewise said it would no longer recommend QAnon accounts and also content, would avoid such contents from appearing in trends and also search, and would block QAnon’s net links.


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Facebook is not only a an excellent way to keep in touch with friends and family, it have the right to be a great way come share photos. Uploading pictures to albums is so an easy even Grandma could figure the out. Unfortunately though, downloading those images isn’t half so easy. If you’ve ever had to save an entire album of image one…image…at…a…time, you’ve likely wished there to be a much better way. Happy for you, CNET’s plunder Lightner has just the pointer you need.


Install the web browser extension referred to as PhotoLive and you’ll never have that problem again. It’s obtainable for Chrome, Firefox, net Explorer, Safari and also even Opera and also it’s completely totally free of charge. With PhotoLive, a button will show up at the peak of the Facebook window whenever you view an album. Click the button and also the expansion will prepare compressed ZIP archives of the album’s photos. Download the ZIP files, extract them come a folder and also you’ll have actually every image downloaded in simply a few clicks.

If this trick saves you time, make sure to re-superstructure it through your friends.

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More by this author

Robert Kingsley

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Last updated on December 18, 2020

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Technology has taken a vantage leap in giving solutions because that man. Prior to now, modern technology used come appear complex and would need a an excellent deal of expertise to manage solutions available. Today, we have technology applicable in the simplest human tasks as smart products with clever algorithms powering them together they make error-free judgments and provide intelligent and analytic solutions.

Does an innovation have every the answers?

This article from credit Suisse, tells us that modern technology does not have all the answers since it has actually been found to exhibit “similar biases,” as humans. No one can discredit the impact of technology, yet it is not totally cost-free of human being input and also this is the reason we suffer these biases in many locations we have technology holding foot.

Creating technical solutions transparently

This article argues that the process of creating technological solutions be made transparent and subject to donation from many human being who would finish up as customers of the product – male, female, young, old, learned, unlearned and all other preferences together we have them. It additionally underscores the prominence of having actually women top top product development teams. This method is not certain to get rid of all develops of bias, yet it is a great way to begin in order come appraise the full benefits the technology.

Technology as the connecting tool

Technology so far has been a major connecting tool amongst us humans. It is used and appreciated by every regardless that race, language and sex. In stimulate to keep it much less subjective to this arguments about human biases. I think we should gather opinions on products and solutions prior to making them obtainable to the public. This could be done by collection input indigenous intended target users and also receiving feedback throughout the stages of production.

“Recognizing the trouble is a start…success will depend on inclusive modern technologies that satisfy this substantial untapped market.” This cannot be much more apt especially at a time as soon as we look up to an innovation for solutions. We must not muzzle our development with modern technology by battling algorithm bias. The very first way to avoid this fight is by reading this article here.


You can be chatting through a friend, and because that the prominence of the conversation, you want to conserve it. In some cases you might only should keep part of the chat and also in others the totality thing. Every little thing your requirements are, you will do it be happy to recognize there are approaches to one of two people save parts of or the whole conversation.

You don’t have to be a technology genius to be able to do this due to the fact that it’s something even a beginner can do. Through the adhering to methods you’ll have the ability to download your on facebook chat history and easily save all the conversations girlfriend want.

Download facebook Data to conserve Your Conversations

If what you’re looking for is to download absolutely everything from your conversations, consisting of photos, then this is the technique for you. By downloading the on facebook data, you will do it download points such together friends lists, facebook data, posts, messages, pictures, etc.

Log into your facebook account and also go come “General Settings.” towards the bottom you’re going to check out a link where you have the right to download a copy that your facebook data. Once you click that option, you’ll see a new page with a “Download Archive” button.

After you click on it, facebook will present you a message telling you the they room gathering your information. Girlfriend won’t need to wait too long (at the very least I didn´t), and when it’s done you’ll get a attach in your inbox wherein you have the right to download everything.


Click ~ above the “Start mine Archive” button, and also you’ll have to re-enter her password for defense reasons. A ZIP paper that contains all your data will then be download to your computer. Friend should additionally see an HTLA folder through the name “messages.htm.” the folder has all your conversations in block format.

Messages Saver

The easiest third-party method to download your facebook chats is to use Messages Saver, one extension accessible for Chrome.


Messages Saver keeps points nice and also simple. That a browser extension that only works as soon as you’re on the Messenger page of Facebook. When you’re in Messenger, click a chat, then open the message Saver extension.

Once you’ve done this, messages Saver will sync with the chat, at which allude you can select the ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates that you want to download the chats for. Pick the dates and the chats room yours!

The complimentary version of messages Saver saves chats in the HTML format, yet in the $4 paid version you have the right to grab your chats in different formats, with images, and so on.

Message/Chat Downloader

If downloading and install the whole Facebook conversation is as well much, yes sir a Chrome expansion that permits you come download only a particular component of the conversation. Because that example, stop say you just want come download a chat between May 15th and May 18th. Simply specify those dates, and also the Chrome expansion will download only your conversation from those days.

The Chrome expansion that friend will require is Message/Chat Downloader. As soon as you’ve installed the extension, log right into your on facebook account and also open the conversation you want to save.

Click on the extension’s icon, and you need to see a calendar appear. Use this calendar come specify the days the desire chat took place. When you’re done, don’t forget to click the apply button in ~ the bottom.


Hit the “Start” button, and when the download is done you’ll be required to a new page on a new tab the will have all her chats. Girlfriend can also choose the format you want to save the paper in. You deserve to download her messages in the very same order girlfriend would see them ~ above Facebook.


If you ever before need to keep your vital conversations, currently you understand how. The previously-mentioned techniques are easy and also something even an inexperienced person deserve to do. Which method will you choose?



Thank you for your informative article. Yours rise to one more important possibility: is that then feasible to import all of file of one old account come a brand-new one without shedding snything?

Is over there any method to obtain chat history using Firefox browser.?

Is there anyway you deserve to save this chats

Hi is this inly because that archived .. What if the conversation was permantly deleted

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Affiliate Disclosure: do Tech simpler may earn commission on products purchased v our links, which support the work-related we carry out for our readers.

Facebook is the number one site where you more than likely spend most of your time online. Undoubtedly, the comments, messages, photos, and also videos you post up end up accumulating right into one large online scrapbook of her best and also most memorable moment in life. It isn’t any kind of wonder then that you would want to keep that contents offline and onto her computer?

While the videos and also photos you have actually posted up might currently be on your computer, there room some related bits, prefer the notes, comments, wall surface posts or facebook messages, i m sorry aren’t.

In fact, one of our PDF Creator Facebook app users to be wondering if there to be a method in i beg your pardon she can download and also get all of her facebook messages into PDF format.

If you want to download your on facebook data right into a PDF file, here’s a detailed and also slightly changed step-by-step variation of the systems we placed together and which you can try out because that yourself.

1. Log right into your facebook Account

2. Walk to Account Settings

3. Under General settings, click on the “Download a copy” the your on facebook data link below your personal information settings.


You’ll climate get review of what details will be archived and also which won’t.

4. click the Start mine Archive button and confirm her download. This process may take it a while depending on how much data friend have. Facebook will certainly send friend a attach to download your archive paper via email.


As facebook notes, all the data had on your on facebook profile will be downloaded right into one solitary archive. However, girlfriend will obtain the chance to choose which folder and data friend can convert later on.

5. check your email for the link and click top top it to reconfirm your password. Download and also save the zipped paper to your computer.


6. Extract all files from the zipped folder right into a folder or place you can easily access. It has the individual documents of her data– photos, videos, and web-based content.

To access your messages, walk to HTML> Messages file.


Double click to open up the Messages document in your browser to make certain all the content you want is there.


To convert this data right into the PDF format, you have the right to use Sonic PDF Creator 3.0 to transform HTML come PDF.

7. Once installed or if you have the program already, open up Sonic PDF Creator and also click ~ above the Create PDF native File icon on the command toolbar.

8. click the Browse button. Select and upload your Messages HTML file.

9. Click the Create PDF button. This need to start the counter process.


Once your facebook data switch is done, you deserve to then include whatever PDF features you desire to the file. Include a password, headers, footers, watermarks or bookmarks. As soon as you’ve included all friend want, simply save her PDF file in a place of her choice.

This process can work for any type of of the HTML data files you have in your archive. It’s an easy means to store or reuse your Facebook content in a secure manner while tailoring the record to your needs. Provide it a try.

If you have actually another means of saving and preserving your facebook data, allow us recognize in the comments below!

Our guide describes the plenty of different ways you can share a facebook post

Did you recognize that you have multiple options when it concerns sharing the Facebook short articles you view in her News Feed? From share a write-up directly come your very own News feeding to act so exterior of the on facebook application itself, our guide breaks under your countless options.

Note: These screenshots were recorded in the Facebook application on iOS.

Step 1: insanity “Share” top top the article you’d like to share.


From here, you have multiple options:

Option 1: If you want to easily share the short article to your own timeline, select “Share Now.”


Option 2: If you desire to include your own comment come a post before share it, pick “Write Post.”

In enhancement to composing your own comment, you can likewise tap “Tap come Change” in ~ the optimal of the display screen to adjust where you’ll share the write-up (your an individual News Feed, a team or a page). Note: If you’re sharing the post to your personal Timeline, you have the option to change the post’s privacy setup before sharing it (posts ~ above a Facebook page are public). Finally, friend can add content such as check-in information and an “activity” to a write-up before share it.

Option 3: come share the post in a private or group message through Facebook Messenger, insanity “Send in Messenger.”


This lots the Messenger app (if it’s installed on her device), wherein you can add your own personal message before sharing the post with one or more contacts. You can select the recipient(s) from the “Recent” and “Groups” list under the article composition window, or you deserve to search because that contacts manually.


Option 4: come share a short article to a on facebook page, tap “Share come a Page.” just like Option No. 2 above, you can tap “Tap to Change” at the top of the display screen to pick the Facebook web page you’d favor to share the post to.


Option 5: to share a article outside of the on facebook app, tap “Copy Link.” native there, you have the right to paste the connect into a message message, email or another app come share the post.

Using the brand-new feature you deserve to make certain you’ll never miss a short article from your best friends.

Facebook is known for reflecting you what that smarter-than-you algorithms have figured out to it is in important, regardless of as soon as it was posted. The choice to rearrange your News feeding by many recent articles is present, yet hidden and also a problem to access on a cell phone device.

Starting today, however, facebook is providing you far better control over her feed with a brand-new feature.

The brand-new feature, referred to as “See First,” lets you designate i m sorry of your on facebook friends’ write-ups you want to see at the optimal of your feed at all times.

According come the report, the function is currently only accessible on iOS devices, through plans because that Android and desktop access in the close to future.

Without more ado, here’s what you must do to set your See First friends list:

Screenshot through Jason Cipriani/CNET

Launch the Facebook application on her iOS device, climate tap ~ above the More button in the bottom-right corner. Scroll to the bottom that the menu, whereby you’ll discover News feeding Preferences; tap ~ above it.

Screenshot through Jason Cipriani/CNET

On the following display screen you’ll uncover a list of four alternatives to help you take manage of her feed. Have to you only have three alternatives present, pressure close and relaunch the app.

Select the top choice Prioritize who to view first.

A network of your friends profile pictures will display up. Tap ~ above each friend or web page you’d favor to see atop her news feed. You’ll recognize a person or web page is selected many thanks to a blue star indicator that’s placed atop the file picture.

When you’re finished, tap on Done adhered to by Close. Friend can readjust and tweak this perform at any time through visiting this same settings screen, tapping ~ above a girlfriend to remove them from the list.

Use the Manage activity tool to execute a massive removal that old posts





What come Know

Go to your profile and select Manage Posts, find articles you no longer want, and click Next >Delete Posts >Done.In the mobile app, pick Manage Activity, collection filters to find articles you don’t want, and Archive them.

Here’s exactly how to delete every Facebook posts at once and archive your task with the Manage activity tool in a web browser or in the cell phone app.

Bulk Delete posts Using on facebook in a internet Browser

The very first step to deleting your old Facebook posts is to select the posts you no much longer want (up come 50 at a time). There room a couple of means to perform that, consisting of filtering write-ups if you want to delete miscellaneous specific.

Go come Facebook.com or open up the facebook app and sign in to her account. Pick your surname or profile icon in the upper-left sidebar or in the food selection bar to walk to your profile.


Select Manage Posts located beneath the article composer.


Select Filters come narrow under the obtainable options. You deserve to select details years, who produced the post, privacy levels, and items you’re tagged in.

Take benefit of the filtering options to find the short articles you want to delete. The filters room especially helpful for detect old articles fast without spending time scrolling with your Timeline.


Select the square check box in the upper-right edge of any post thumbnail you desire to delete.

You deserve to only pick up to 50 short articles to delete in ~ a single time.

To check out the full article on Facebook.com, select the article thumbnail. A window appears that shows the full post, so you have the right to make a decision around whether you desire to save it or delete it.


When you’ve liked all the write-ups you want to delete, pick Next in ~ the bottom the the screen.


Choose Delete Posts, then select Done.

Deletion is permanent. If you don’t want to permanently delete these posts, hide the write-ups instead, for this reason they no longer show up on her profile timeline. Pick Hide Posts on Facebook.com or insanity Hide from timeline top top the app. To unhide this posts, walk to the task Log on her profile and then pick the Hidden from timeline tab.


How to usage the Manage task Tool in Facebook

In the Manage activity section of the activity log, you can delete, archive, or restore content. This function is currently only obtainable on the on facebook mobile app.

Open the facebook app and also sign in to her account.

Select her profile snapshot in the upper-left edge of the display screen to access your profile.

Select More stood for by the 3 dots (. ) listed below your profile picture.


In the Profile setups list, choose Activity Log.

At the peak of the activity log, select Manage Activity.

In the Manage Activity home window that appears, select the type of task you’d like to view, such as Your Posts.


At the height of the task log, pick Filters and also choose a filter, such as Categories or Date, if desired.

Select the examine box following to any type of content you great to archive.

You have the right to restore archived content at any time by selecting Archive in the activity log, selecting the content, and also selecting Restore. However, if you move content to the trash, on facebook permanently deletes that after 30 days.

Choose Archive. Alternatively, select Trash come delete the content.


Can’t Delete some Posts?

You might notice that when you shot to delete part posts, the deletion choice is grayed out, and also you can only pick the hide option. This could occur for particular posts like profile photo updates, write-ups that weren’t created by you, or posts with details privacy settings.

For short articles you’re can not to delete making use of the manage short articles option, you deserve to delete those posts individually. Find the articles on her Timeline, choose the 3 dots in the upper-right edge of the individual post, and select Delete.


Those big boxes in ~ the peak are just there come cover up customer info

I have to design reports because that custom load slips for a couple of customers. Putting their logo design on the report and also their unique footer is no problem.

Where things gain hairy is the they both have actually a totality other page worth of ingredient like plan information, return info, this and also that, the they want printed as part of their fill slip.

I’m pretty new to crystal Reports, yet I’m sort of certain you can’t just. Do that. I thought “oh I’ll just stuff this in the page Footer section and also select “New web page Before” and also it’ll simply print top top the following page!” . No. No, the is not how that works, apparently.

So, is that even possible to develop a report that has two pages or am i going come just have to collection up the manuscript to publish two different documents because that them?


2 answer 2

Alright, ns figured it out. It just took a little an imaginative re-design of the report.

I moved all of the ingredient in “Page Header” to “Report Header”. That means I wouldn’t get all of the shipping information and also what not published on every page.

then ns moved every one of the detail headers indigenous “Page Header” come “Group Header #1” and completely suppressed the page Header section.

Then I moved all that substantial mess come the Report Footer section, right-clicked on “Report Footer” and also went in come the ar Expert and also checked “New page Before”.

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Voila, it comes out precisely the method I desire it to. It just took a tiny bit that learning and also understanding exactly how these reports go together and what the sections do and also how lock work. I could not have actually mentioned this, yet I have NEVER touched CR before this task was placed on my desk.