everyone knows about 311, the customer-friendly organization line the handles complaints huge and small, which has actually been leveraged into a method for analyzing the efficiency of city agencies. Yet what about subways and buses? carry out riders’ complaints finish up registering?

Often, the answer is no, the seems. Mental the Metropolitan transport Authority plank member, David S. Mack, that justified the cost-free use that E-ZPasses and also MetroCards through authority plank members, saying it motivates them to take it the subway and also call in complaints? He stated that complaints from median riders are not heeded. “If you saw something and called that in, the goes right there,” Mr. Mack reportedly told reporters at a committee meeting, kicking a garbage can. His comments — which he later retracted — prompted the City Council’s transport committee come convene a hearing Thursday on how the authority handle complaints.

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Christopher P. Boylan, deputy executive director of the authority, testified that there were a variety of ways that brand-new Yorkers could complain. Indeed, there are some 2.3 million complaints obtained by the M.T.A. Every year, via its net site, e-mail, continuous mail, phone calls, walk-ins and those made directly to transit employees.

So right here are the ways that her complaints may end up in the one file.

Phone: there is a toll-free complaint line because that buses, 1-888-692-8287; a basic non-toll-free number, (718) 330-3322; and also an emergency line for the M.T.A. Police department (1-888-MTA-911-PD), i m sorry patrols the authority’s 2 commuter railroads. Bus complaints are entered into a database and also are climate forwarded to the relevant depot and department for investigation.

Other subway numbers, compiled by the Straphangers campaign and also posted top top the M.T.A. Site, evidently handle complaints around stations, (718) 243-4637; basic subway company complaints, (646) 252-5860; and air conditioning problems, (718) 243-7360. Around 2 million world call the general organization line — (718) 330-3322 — every year, most of them seeking travel directions and also trip planning. The the continuing to be complaints, the agency has a goal of responding in ~ 14 to 21 days. That course, the complaint framework may readjust with the overhaul of the subway management system announced recently.

E-Mail: You can e-mail the M.T.A. With its internet site (which admittedly has not always been the many up to date). The authority it s okay 40,000 e-mail message a year, i beg your pardon by City Room’s calculations pertains to an mean of simply over 100 a day. Come the M.T.A.’s credit, the takes an median of 2.21 days to return e-mails.

Snail Mail: civilization are still creating in v stamps come the provided addresses, about 6,000 to 7,000 world a year.

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Walk-in Centers: who knew? The M.T.A. Has an yes, really walk-in facility to resolve subway and also bus issues at 3 stone Street in reduced Manhattan. Business agents over there can address MetroCard matters and discounted fare cards. (There are additionally other complaint centers for the authority’s 2 railroad lines, one at Grand main Terminal because that the Metro-North Railroad, and also one at Pennsylvania terminal for the lengthy Island Rail Road.)

Employees: many importantly of all, perhaps, you can complain to the 70,000 drivers, terminal managers, monitor workers and also other assorted employee of the M.T.A. Apparently, they have a systemic method to manage complains increase the chain that command. If you desire to reach the optimal of the chain of command yourself, girlfriend can even complain to the agency presidents and their an elderly staff at quarterly Meet and also Greets.

Councilman man C. Liu, the queens Democrat that is chairman the the transport committee, was unimpressed. “It’s clean the M.T.A. Has established various avenues through i beg your pardon complaints are received,” that said. “But even if it is those complaints room actually resolved, and how lengthy it takes come actually solve them, is ache unclear.”