Two month ago, we announced the the very first version that Minerva, our Admin AI, to be live and also taking action on chat message messages from CS:GO matches.

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Since climate we have actually been working on specifying other develops of toxic behaviors and are currently pleased to announce in-game reporting, which will permit you come flag certain abusive behaviors and create cases that will aid training Minerva.


Introducing in-game reporting which will enable to report a player for a specific an adverse behavior when it happened;In-game reports represent the structure to assist training Minerva ~ above abusive voice chat, griefing and other abusive behaviors;Toxic messages reduced by 30% because Minerva’s launch.WHAT IS IN-GAME REPORTING?

In-game report is our latest brand-new feature the will allow our CS:GO football player to report a teammate for a details abusive actions at the precise moment the happened. This means you don’t need anymore come wait until the finish of the match and can currently be a lot more specific in what to report.

You deserve to use this function from our net app, PC client and in-game overlay. Come report someone during an recurring match, simply head end to the complement room and also click on “REPORT PLAYER”.





In every report, friend can select only one reason and also you will have the ability to report the same player for the same reason up to three times per complement (this limit will not apply if the factor is different).

When report in-game, you can choose from the following list:

Abusive voice chatAbusive text chatAFKingFriendly FireIntentionally impede a teammateThrowing / SuicidingOther an unfavorable behavior ( offering up / ghosting / telling positions / etc. )WHAT will certainly IN-GAME REPORTING help ACHIEVING?

From your in-game reports, we will certainly generate short video clip clips of particular abusive behaviors. This clips will be recorded around the report’s timestamp. It is really important that you report someone as close as feasible to when they were abusive, either automatically after or in the very first available buying break.

These clips will certainly then be it is registered to a brand-new web portal (spoiler alert!) whereby members that the neighborhood will be able to review and judge them.

Thanks to her help, Minerva will not only have the ability to start taking action, however will additionally learn exactly how to determine abusive behaviors and also with time, she will begin making her very own predictions and decisions.

In-game reports do not impact FBI and also will no generate unsportsmanlike command bans.


In she first couple of months due to the fact that her launch, toxic messages have actually dropped through 30%. Since October 1st, Minerva has actually issued much more than 150,000 warnings and also 40,000 bans for abusive text chat.

Her affect has started to enhance the endure on the platform: the percentage of matches v at the very least one toxic article in castle (on every cs:go matches) lessened by 13.30% and the portion of players the typed at least on toxic article in a month (on every csgo energetic players) lessened by 11.58%.

We room now very excited to job-related on the following stages. In-game report represents the foundation to begin addressing abusive voice chat and griefing.

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In the new year, we will certainly announce exactly how you will have the ability to participate in the process of reviewing this clips and also helping Minerva learn.