Code Enforcement aims to preserve and also enhance the safety, appearance and economic stability of our ar through the diligent enforcement the applicable ordinances and also land use regulations.

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Report a password Violation

For password violations concerning properties with two or more dwelling devices (duplexes and apartment buildings), please contact theLos Angeles real estate + ar Investment Departmentat (866) 557-7368.

For password violations regarding issues in the general public way, please call the room of windy Worksorcall 311.

For code violations about graffiti or aid with removal, please contactLos Angeles Office of ar Beautificationorcall 311.

For difficulties with exterior hoarding, please contact Paul Terris v the Los Angeles Fire department at paul.terris

When you receive an Order to Comply (OTC) stating that your building violates Code, review the order carefully to determine which items call for a permit. Call the inspector or inspector’s supervisor (listed in the OTC) for clarification the the order.

The present property owner is responsible for complying with the Order, even if previous owner or tenants have performed the un-permitted job-related or created the violation.


The Residential and also Commercial Complaint and Referral department is responsible because that investigating code violations on currently commercial buildings, hotels, motels, and also single-family residential buildings.

Note: password violations on present apartment buildings (two or more units) room investigated by the housing Department, at (866) 557-7368.

See creates & Publications

As a part of our effort to mitigate visual blight in the City, ours Sign Enforcement Divisionis made up of 3 units the enforce the City"s authorize regulations:

General sign Code EnforcementThis unit responds come complaints concerning all types of signage and illegal signs.Inspection of new Sign ConstructionWhen permits are issued to change a sign or for new signs, this unit inspects the construction of the sign.Off-Site Sign routine Inspection routine (OSSPIP)The OSSPIP section is specialized to conducting a fee-supported regime approved through the City Council because that on-going periodic inspections of every off-site signs in the City which has an evaluation of the sign"s safety and also legal status and compliance come the codes.See sign Inspection Publications

The existing rise in construction projects in Grading Hillside areas has seen an increase in van traffic regarded the importing and also exporting of soil. In working v the board of directors Offices and also listening to the communities, known the need of included enforcement of the hauling tasks to certain safety and also the top quality of life for the residents.

The Haul route Monitoring Program is imposed by the Grading department of the investigate Bureau.

See call list and report a haul path violation

The Local Enforcement company (LEA) is a state-mandated regulatory regimen that permits, inspects, and also enforces State and specific local requirements for solid garbage facilities, consisting of landfills and transfer stations and also various recycling facilities. The LEA protects the health and also safety the the community by serving as the command City investigators and inspector because that solid waste and also recycling to work that can have a far-ranging public health and also environmental influence if not properly regulated. The LEA accomplishes this through conducting unannounced routine inspections of allowed facilities and issuing corrective notices and also enforcement orders in the instance of non-compliance. The LEA additionally investigates citizen"s complaints regarded solid garbage or recycling facilities and also directly stimulate corrective steps or do referral to the appropriate agency(s) should conditions require follow up.

The Annual Inspection monitoring (AIM) Division conducts a fee-supported program, annually inspecting every auto repair garages (including smog check shops, home window tinting and also replacement shops, vinyl or similar covering materials, environment of parts/accessories and all similar uses) used auto sales areas, auto dismantling yards, junk yards, scrap metal or recycling materials processing yards, recycling arsenal and/or buyback centers, recycling products sorting facilities and cargo container warehouse yards because that violations the both building and also land use ordinances.

The Contract Nuisance Abatement department abates open, vacant, abandoned, and vandalized buildings, under a process known together Vacant structure Abatement (VBA).

The VBA process includes declaring these nature a “Nuisance” and/or “Hazard” ~ a publicly hearing. When property owner fail to comply with orders inquiry them to clean, secure, rehabilitate or demolish this buildings, VBA actions in and also performs the physical abatement work-related of cleaning, securing, and also if necessary, demolishing a structure by way of an each year awarded contract to various private contractors.

See perform of open tasks for Vacant structure AbatementOpens in brand-new window

The Pro-Active code Enforcement Division operates full-time on a pro-active or inspection basis. Our Community advance Block provide (CDBG)-funded groups target specific code enforcement difficulties in minimal geographic areas of the City. Ours PACE groups work an extremely closely with a variety of other City agencies and the Office the the City Attorney.

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The Citations Unit worries citations mainly on transient species of violations together as open air vending on exclusive property, a selection of zoning violations, noise violation from waiting conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumping, filtering equipment and also nuisance light violations.

The citations they problem are actually "Notice come Appear" tickets and are punishable as misdemeanors and/or infractions. These inspectors also act together a liaison in between, the City Attorney and also the court device for prosecution of the more complicated code enforcement cases and also prepare situations for court filings, attend hearings etc.