The repost choice will permit you to produce a duplicate copy of an active or expired payment posting as soon as applicable. The reposted copy will assume the expectation of a brand-new post, and will be put at the top of the list.

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When girlfriend repost a existing paid article you are producing a copy through a brand-new post identifier number; the original write-up will continue to be on the site under its initial date and also location.You will have the ability to make changes to the posting title, posting description, certain location, and also category before you submit the repost. Please note that girlfriend cannot readjust the site associated with a reposted ad.

If you it is registered your write-up through a account, you have the right to repost it via the repost link on her account homepage:


If you did not usage a account to submit your post, you can repost it making use of the manage attach in your confirmation email. If you no much longer have accessibility to the email, you can activate one account by picking a password because that your email address. Use the following attach to carry out so:

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Short articles made with your email resolve should present up immediately in the account. Once you space logged in, girlfriend can control the posts made through that address.

Locate the POST/EDIT/DELETEemail friend received once you an initial submitted her post, and click on the control link.On the monitoring page, choose the "Repost this Posting" option: