News has been making the ring this week around the Netflix an enig request feature, which allows users to imply movies and TV reflects that aren’t currently easily accessible for streaming. The request page is surprise in Netflix assist center, i m sorry is probably the factor why many users no previously conscious of it.

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As reported by The Verge, the function went famous after a Twitter user in the Philippines tweeted in ~ Netflix Philippines and also comedian Chelsea Peretti retweeted it.

Although the mystery feature has actually been around for over a year, it seems that world are just noticing it now.


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Some customers knew about it and also weren’t satisfied through the results of the feature, saying the their inquiry didn’t finish with their desired shows being included to the service:

Still, if you’d favor to placed in a an excellent word for a show or movie that’s not yet streaming, you can submit increase to three requests per user. Don’t bother through repeats: Netflix particularly mentions the there’s no suggest requesting the same title several times as they keep track of every request.

Once friend submit your request, all you have to do is wait. While many users will certainly “sit back and relax,” as Netflix states on the website, others would rather have fun and also play v it.

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And hey, if us all request Babylon 5 probably we’ll have actually a chance to carry it back. Us won’t know until we try it.