A woman"s text article to a guy she was supposed to go on a date with has sparked dispute after she declared his an answer showed she"d "dodged a bullet"


Social media customers are currently divided end a tweet posted by a woman named Maia Bittner.

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The post, mutual on Friday, proved a screenshot the a text lasignoralaura.comnversation in between the woman and also a guy she was supposed to be going top top a date with.

The an initial text lasignoralaura.lasignoralaura.comms Maia asking if she deserve to cancel the meet-up at the really last minute as something has actually lasignoralaura.comme up at her work.

She writes: "Hey I'm so sorry to even ask this however how carry out you feel about a weekend day rather of best now? us just got approval to launch a product and also it's happening very quickly."

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The unnamed guy's an answer suggests he's not finest impressed through this.

He replies: "Are you joking? I'm showered, prepared to go, and had planned my day about this. I know work lasignoralaura.commes first, but to pull out this late is quite disrespectful.

"If you're can not respect me or my time, then I'm over it. It is in well."

Maia captioned the screengrab that the texts, saying: "You can truly dodge a cartridge with males by inquiring lasignoralaura.comme reschedule a an initial date day of and seeing how they respond."

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The tweet lasignoralaura.comnveniently went viral, with much more than 12,500 people liking it and also hundreds retweeting.

But it lasignoralaura.comnveniently became noticeable that the short article had divided human being - v some taking Maia's side in the situation and others reasoning the man reacted appropriately.

"He's a weirdo because that the response, but canceling critical minute is a huge yikes together well," said one person.

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Another wrote: "Yuck. He sounds favor an licensed has been granted princess."

Someone rather posted: "If I had received this cancellation and I had just showered and also was obtaining ready, there would certainly be no rescheduling. How human being treat you in ~ the start is the best they ever before will. The text would have been 'No thanks, but finest of luck through the launch.' friend both lucked out."

"Sounds choose he's the one who dodged a bullet," proclaimed a fourth. "Anyone that would manipulate and also lie to you prior to the very first date is TROUBLE."

Around 3,000 people have responded to the write-up so far, yet it's still no really clear that was being an ext unreasonable here. What do you think? permit us know in the lasignoralaura.commments below.

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