Thanks to Lisa J. Lehr, author, cat lover, and also owner the the website, for enabling me to re-post excerpts from her article below. The images are native rescues I have done.

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“Ever check out a cat skeleton in a tree?” This sarcastic concern is generally intended come “prove” thatcats never gain stuck in trees. When they feel choose coming down, lock will, goesthis misguided thinking. The premise of the lame joke, however, is utternonsense. Cat do gain stuck in trees. They carry out die. Here’s why, and also what come doif her cat (or a cat friend know) ever gets stuck in a tree.
Trucker, Patrick"s very first rescuee.
A cat normally climbs a tree for one of two or three reasons:she’s chasing miscellaneous (like a squirrel),she’s to run away from something(like a dog),or perhaps she just wants to check out what’s increase there.Okay, so Kittyis way-high-up in a tree, the risk (or the funny or the mystery) is gone, andit’s time to come down. Why doesn’t she come down on she own?
A cat’s claws space designed for climbing up. A cat is not asquirrel; squirrels can climb up, down, and sideways, constantly headfirst, noproblem. Yet a cat should climb through her head increase to prevent falling, and also once she’sup, the only way down is to ago down. The margay, or tree ocelot, a rarely catfound in the rainforests of Mexico, central America, and also South America, is theonly cat that have the right to climb under a tree headfirst.
Once she’s close sufficient to the ground, she’ll revolve aroundand jump down; the biggest difficulty is a tree that has no low branches, choose apine tree. By the time the immediate danger or curiosity has passed, Kitty hasused she burst of adrenaline and does not have enough power left because that thetime-consuming, frightening job of descent. This is particularly true the anindoor cat with tiny or no rise experience.
The an excellent news is, cats have actually been well-known to endure over aweek in a tree and also have sustained drops of end a hundreds feet without seriousinjury. The poor news is, a panicked cat will continue to go…up. Worse, a catmay eventually come to be too weak to climb down, and after a point, also ifrescued, may die later on of starvation, dehydration, or exposure.
We don’t view cat skeletons in trees since of a well-knownlaw that nature called gravity: Kitty becomes as well weak to host on, lets go, andfalls.
Patrick obtaining close to Tangerine, a feral rescue.
If you can’t regulate the rescue yourself, wait no an ext than acouple days. That’s around the longest it will certainly take Kitty to decision to come downif she can. Speak to your cat. If that doesn’t encourage her to come down, it will certainly atleast permit her recognize she’s no forgotten. Keep dogs and also other unnecessarycommotion away. Shot tempting her through food.
If your cat does no meow, it method one of two things: she’stoo weak to do so (bad) or she doesn’t feel she is in problem (good).Unfortunately, friend can’t phone call which that is.
It’s a kitten. Kittens perform not have the load orstrength to cave on.It’s an at home cat. She’s not provided to beingexposed, and also she has actually no climb skills.She’s declawed. A declawed cat has actually virtually nochance the climbing under without help.The cat has actually been up there for an ext than twodays. ~ this, her opportunity of acquiring down on her own decreases sharply,especially considering she’s ending up being weaker together time passes.Wet, cold, or publicly weather is forecast.An electrical storm is forecast. If friend dodecide to call someone, the may decline to come, out of issue for his ownsafety.She’s hurt or accurate stuck—wedged or(worse) impaled.The stranded kitty’s plight is leading to stress toyou or one more family member.There’s a reasonable are afraid of attack by wildanimals.Her meowing is bothering someone. Friend don’t wanta grouchy, cat-hating neighbor come shoot your cat down.

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Surprise! not the fire department. Contradictory to folktradition, most fire department no longer do cat rescues. Understandably, theydo not want to commit their resources to pet rescues when a human being rescue perhaps at stake.First shot looking on for an knowledgeable cat rescuer in her area. If your area doesn"t have actually a cat rescuer detailed your best bet is a expert tree service. Try doing a net search for "arborists" or "tree treatment companies" in your city.
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