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It to be a tiring day at work-related for me, and also all I wanted was a warm cup the tea and also my everyday dose of exploration channel.

But no issue how difficult I searched, ns couldn’t discover the channel and also my evening was quite dull.

So I made decision to surf the internet and find out exactly how to carry the channel back, and also I learned how to reset the Cox cable box.

For anyone facing comparable problems, I have actually compiled a fast guide top top resetting the Cox cable box.

Follow the given steps carefully, and also you are great to go.

To reset your Cox cable box, sign in to your Cox account and choose the Reset devices option. Alternatively, you have the right to reset Cox cable box by merely unplugging the maker for 30 seconds and also plugging it ago in.

For a in-depth explanation, you deserve to follow the step-by-step guide offered in the article.

Why would certainly You need to Reset the Cox Cable Box?


You room at the very vital moment of her favorite Fast and also Furious car chase, and it turns out it takes the receiver too long to change the volume or answer to various other requests.

It deserve to slow you under from transforming channels and also even shutting turn off the TV.

Another among the problems that may acquire on her nerves is once the networks wouldn’t appear, which happened in my case.

When you lastly have possession end the remote control to watch her favorite channels, those very channels absent would it is in the last thing you want.

Of course, friend might automatically go with the channel scan, but what happens when you can’t find it even there.

Yes, these minor relief are sufficient to journey you mad, however a great old reset is just what your device needs many of the time.

The reasons why you have to reset your Cox cable box have the right to be mainly the ones mentioned above, however they can additionally extend to sluggish network issues and TV problems.

As it may occur to every cable box system, Cox also comes with its fair share that troubles.

And here, we tackle those problems with a basic reset that the cable box.

Steps to Reset Cox Cable Box

Before you get into the really steps, store in mind a few things around resetting her Cox cable box.

Resetting will erase all the setups you have actually saved previously, including your favourite channels and also so on.

It refreshes the system entirely and gives it an extra an increase of rate to function.

This is always one the the easiest methods by which you can troubleshoot your Cox cable box.

Now moving on to the steps to reset the Cox cable box, you have the right to follow the information offered below.

Download and Log In come the Cox App


Before girlfriend begin any kind of of the main steps, friend must have actually the Cox app.

The app is available for both iOS (Cox because that iOS) and Android (Cox because that Android) and can be download from her phone.

You can likewise download the app from the official website of Cox.

After properly downloading and installing the app, either log in through your already existing credentials or authorize up because that a new account.

To sign in as a brand-new user, walk to the official website and also click ~ above “Sign In mine Account,” checked out in the optimal left corner.

You will certainly be taken to one more page for registering into Cox, and on that page, click on “No Account? register Now!”.

You deserve to validate her account three ways; making use of Account Number, call Number, or company Address, depending on your preference.

After the registration process, you can hit finish Registration and also log in to her account.

Choose the an equipment to be Reset

After signing in to your account, you deserve to locate the choice “My Services” in there.

From mine Services, navigate come the MyTV option offered under it.

Beneath MyTV, you can see a perform of cable boxes comes under your Cox account.

You have the right to see the surname of her cable box from those choices and select that device.

Reset the Device


After you have effectively located the surname of her cable box, you deserve to see the option “Reset Equipment” under it.

Selecting that option will send you to the “Reset Cable Box” display titled “Let’s reset her cable box”.

Click top top the blue button given beneath the message displayed saying “Begin reset”, and the display screen will screen “We’re resetting her cable box” as the clues to inform the continuous process.

The receiver have the right to take up to 30 minute tops for the whole reboot and download all the guide data into the system.

Alternative Reset Method

There is also another method by which girlfriend can try resetting your Cox cable box without all the technological formalities discussed above.

You have the right to simply unplug the cable from the earlier of her cable box, in order to cutting turn off the power source.

After wait for about 30 seconds, merely plug it back in, and also your Cox cable box shall begin the reboot process.

The reboot deserve to take approximately 3 minutes, and as basic as that, friend will have actually reset your Cox cable box.

You deserve to also try to Reset your Cox Remote.

Resetting the Cox Mini


Some Cox users will not have the Cox cable box, and as a instead of to that, lock will have actually the Cox Mini box.

And for the analog TV users, the Mini crate is a must-have.

So what will you do if that is her Cox Mini that calls for resetting? The price is simple.

For the Cox Mini reset, simply unplug the main power chord indigenous behind your Mini box.

Wait for about 60-90 seconds before plugging it ago inside.

The reset will begin automatically, and it may take as much as 5 minutes because that the process to finish.

If the reset alternative does not solve your trouble with the Cox Mini, you can also run a self-test top top the device.

Choose the customer Support choice from the Menu button on your remote.

Press the right arrow once and then the down arrow once and press Select.

This will show any problems with your Cox Mini box.

Reset Cox Cable crate to deal with Errors

Always revolve your TV off before doing any kind of sort of hard reset on your device.

There have actually been instances where cables have been mixed up, bring about the TV to malfunction, so take it a watch at your cables an initial before do the efforts anything.

Remember that a reset erases every the data in the cable box, so examine out every link till you have no method out but to perform a reset.

At times, other than resetting her cable box, you deserve to also shot to reset your WiFi modem.

If you can’t gain your Cox Cable box working even after trying the end these troubleshooting tips, girlfriend can also contact Cox support. 

If you’re worn down of dealing with this and you desire to watch what rather is out there, Canceling her Cox web is additionally an option.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

Why does mine Cox cable box store blinking?

If the light keeps blinking, it suggests something is most likely wrong through your device. Girlfriend can shot resetting the cable box together a solution.

How perform I update my Cox Cable Box?

Press the edge button and scroll till the settings choice is highlighted, and click OK. Then, from Preferences, select the basic option, and also you have the right to scroll it spins you see the day-to-day Update Time section. This way, you can update the cox cable box as per the time you want.

Does Cox need a cable box for every TV?

You can watch the Cox cable digital networks without the aid of the cable box, however it works for just digital TV, and also it is vital that you have it.

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How execute I connect my Cox cable box to my modem?

You have the right to use a splitter to attach to the coaxial cable on the wall surface socket, and also the splitter have the right to then connect to the cable box and also modem at once.