You can"t commonly retrieve an SMS post that hasn"t been ceded to your phone, however you don’t need to have her phone on girlfriend at every times come send and receive messages. You have the right to use a variety of options come retrieve messages while your phone is in another room, and also some while her phone is disconnected entirely.

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Check with Your service Provider

Many cell phone providers have an choice to send and receive SMS message without using your phone. T-Mobile provides Digits, Verizon has Messages+, and AT&T gives Messages. Check with your service provider. Note that these alternatives may require you to pay for them, and will not work-related if your phone company has to be terminated.

Use iMessage

The iMessage organization is Apple’s alternate to timeless SMS messages. Message are sent out through Apple’s iMessage server and also can it is in retrieved from any kind of iCloud-connected apple device. For instance, if your iPhone and also Mac are both linked to iCloud, you deserve to retrieve her iMessages from one of two people device, even if the iphone phone is disconnected or offline. The service works top top the iPod Touch, all iPad models, the iPhone and all Mac computers and provides a good option for retrieving text messages while her phone is disconnected.

One limitation come iMessage is the it have the right to only be supplied on apple devices. Messages sent out to non-Apple gadgets are sent out as classic SMS messages.

Use a Third-Party App

Another choice to retrieve SMS messages while the call is disconnected is to use a third-party text massage app. Third-party text massage apps enable you to text from multiple devices. Third-party options include:

Mysms. Mysms is an Android application that enables you to send and also receive message messages from her phone and also any other web web browser or maker that the application is set up on. It is similar to iMessage in the texts deserve to be sent through the organization to other mysms users, but is various to iMessage in that constant SMS texts can be sent or retrieved from multiple tools as well. Mysms works v Android phones and tablets as well as any computer with the Google Chrome browser and also the mysms extension installed. Mysms offers both a totally free and premium business with the premium service including the ability to fiddle messages, schedule messages to be sent later on and access your full message history. MySMS uses your phone to send and also receive brand-new SMS messages, so your phone must be on and connected to usage those features. Pulse. Pulse is one Android application that permits you to send both SMS and MMS from any type of device. Messages room synced in between the devices constantly which renders Pulse a great alternative come Mysms because that retrieving messages when you don’t have actually your phone on hand. Pulse is a paid business with extra features such as the capability to schedule messages, support double SIM cards and block callers. Note that to send and receive brand-new messages, her phone have to be on and connected to the network. Whatsapp. Whatsapp is no a traditional alternate to SMS messages together it walk not enable you come send or obtain texts from any kind of mobile phone call number. Instead, you can only text other Whatsapp users and also each Whatsapp user need to sign up v their mobile call number to usage the service. The application behaves lot like iMessage however with the capacity to send/receive messages from your phone and also computer or other device with Whatsapp installed. Whatsapp is cost-free and deserve to be used in any type of country, making the an ideal an option if you have to reliably text friends or family in lot of countries.

Use a secondary Number

One other alternative for retrieving SMS message while your phone is disconnected is to use a an additional number. Friend can give this second number out to friends because that them to text. You can then access these message from any type of device. Cost-free secondary number apps encompass Google Voice, Textfree and Sidekick. Every three options work on both Android and iOS as well as on computers.

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