Have you ever been stuck to something that’s brand spanking new that you understand you’ll NEVER require or use? whether it be that Tiger King t-shirt your Mom gave you, or that second crock pot native the in-laws, over there is always something you wish you can return if friend just had the dang receipt. Well, currently you can. I researched a bunch of popular retailers that will happily take back items there is no proof of purchase.

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Because Costco keeps monitor of all your purchases in their computer system system, lock don’t call for a receipt to make a return.

As lengthy as you have your member number they deserve to look up your buying background and verify the purchase.

Pretty handy, especially because they enable you come return items at nearly any point in the assets lifespan.

The only exception is electronic devices which has actually a 90 work return policy.

I have personally went back a Keurig coffee machine without a receipt end a year after ~ I originally purchased it. They took it ago with no questions asked.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

According to the Dick’s return policy, “If you no longer have actually your receipt from an in-store purchase, call our Customer company team through phone at 1-877-846-9997 or chat now to have a copy of your receipt sent out to you, if available.”

If castle can’t discover it, they’ll ask for a picture ID and issue you store credit because that the lowest marketing price.

Home Depot

If you try to return items come The house Depot sans receipt you won’t be fully out of luck.

According to their return policy, “Returns made without a valid sales receipt or an expired receipt might be exchanged or refunded come a home Depot store credit or a residence Depot advertisement Account for the shortest advertised price.”

Store credit transaction is WAY far better than being stuck to a set of wrenches that you’ll never ever use.

Home Goods

If you lose your Home great receipt you’re not fully out of luck.

They’ll give you merchandise credit buy you’ll have actually to show them your I.D. So they deserve to track her return history.

Their website also states that the name on the merchandise credit must complement the name on the photo ID if you ever before want to actually use the credit transaction in-store.


According come the Kohl’s return policy, if friend don’t have you receipt, no problem.

From their website, they can “cannot find your original purchase and/or because that non-receipted returns, info from her valid ID will be stored come monitor her return activity.”

Kohl’s won’t provide you cash back, yet they will provide you merchandise credit based on the shortest price of the item in the past 13 weeks.


According come the Lowe’s website, “In many instances, her receipt deserve to be retrieved by utilizing the original credit card, checking account number, MyLowe’s map or by your phone number.”

Lowe’s additionally leaves the option open up to only provide store credit (at the present selling price) top top returns without a receipt in instance they space unable to retrieve it.


Macy’s claims they will certainly take back items without a receipt as lengthy as the product still has actually the original tags or price stickers on it.

As ns wrote about here, they can also look up your purchase using “the credit transaction card you used to make your purchase, your return label, packing slip, order or shipping confirmation email or registry number.”


Nordstrom must be able to aid you uncover your purchase but they’ll more than likely need your original kind of payment to execute so.

If lock can’t discover it, they’ll ask because that a precious ID, track her return, then give you credit via a Nordstrom gift card.

Office Depot

The folks in ~ Office Depot will work-related with you if friend don’t have a receipt but there room a bunch the caveats.

First, every returns without a receipt need a valid ID card and also tech commodities without a receipt are NOT returnable.

From the Office Depot website, all other items changed without a receipt “that are energetic in our computer system will certainly be refunded in the form of an Office Depot or OfficeMax Merchandise map in one amount equal to the lowest sleeve price during the coming before 90 days.”


Not just will REI let girlfriend return something for up to a year after you bought it, however you don’t even need her receipt to make it happen in most cases.

If you’re a REI member they have the right to look up your purchase easily, if you’re not, they have the right to use your original type of payment to track it down.

You might be stuck with keep credit yet that ain’t therefore bad.

ROSS – dress for Less

While it can be a bit tricky come return things to Ross without a receipt, it deserve to be done.

From their website, “Merchandise returns without a receipt will call for a valid photo ID and if approved by the refund system, will certainly be refunded in the kind of a keep credit or exchanged at the item’s existing selling price.”

Hey, constantly worth a shot. Return item sooner, fairly than later, as stuff gets lowered in price conveniently at Ross and you’ll desire to gain the highest price-point possible.

Sam’s Club

Similar come Costco, Sam’s Club has some solid ways to uncover your receipt for this reason you have the right to make a return.

First off, you deserve to visit this page, login utilizing your member number, and print any receipt indigenous the past 3 years.

In most cases, you can likewise show up in ~ a Sam’s location and they can lookup your purchase history so you have the right to make a return without your receipt.

Worst situation scenario you’ll gain store credit transaction or a partial refund if castle can’t find any kind of proof that purchase.


Staples will do their best to try and uncover your purchase using your debit or credit transaction card.

If castle can’t discover it, and the article is tho in sell-able condition, they will worry you save credit because that lowest price in the past 30 days.

They to make reservation the right to say “no return because that you” if they feeling you room abusing your “no-receipt” return policy.


Target has actually the ability to look up your purchase, making an initial receipt completely optional.

If the item to be a gift, and also you don’t have actually a receipt, you room going to be grounding with store credit.

But if friend made the purchase with a Target RedCard, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, or discover card they can usually discover your purchase.

If they can’t find any evidence they will certainly deny the return or offer you keep credit.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx will happily give you store credit if you return items there is no a receipt yet a valid ID will have to be provided.

Your store credit is redeemable both virtual or at any retail location.

If you’re return an online acquisition you have the right to use your email confirmation if you shed your pack slip.

Tractor it is provided Co

Tractor it is provided has no problem acquisition your return if girlfriend don’t have actually the receipt, however be all set to present a valid ID as they’ll track your returns that way.

If it’s a huge order it will need manager’s approval.

You won’t acquire cash ago but they’ll give you store credit because that the item’s current price.


Walmart also has a fairly free return policy when you return items without a receipt.

With NO receipt, Walmart gives customers the alternative of a cash refund (if the purchase was under $25), or a gift map (if it was over $25), or an even exchange for an similar product.

It has also been suggesting in the comments that the number of allowed “no receipt” returns at Walmart varies from state come state.

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Ask the Reader: execute you understand of any other popular stores who will take it something back without a receipt? allow me know in the comments and also I will examine them out.

By Kyle James