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How to acquire Inside the black Market:Turn right and also look in the window as you go into the Black market room. There’s a red chain in the back-right edge visible through the window. Shoot it v an arrow to break the chain — this opens up a flower from the waterway.Next, seize the crank-wheel leaning versus the earlier wall, opposite the vendor. Take it the wheel under to the red pole near the canal gate, in ~ the seller where the delivery is idle in the water.Attach the wheel and also turn that — currently you can access the chain and climb up into the market.

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This is specifically tricky one, however if you recognize what come do, it’s a cinch. Simply make certain you complete the side-mission because that the shopkeep an initial if things get violent.

Mission 6: The Dust District

Find the Black sector on Valia Street in Neutral Territory. Gaining inside to rob the place requires a passcode — and getting the code to the door is a small complicated. The earlier door is uncovered on the very first floor that the apartment stairwell left of the vendor.


How to acquire the Black industry Door CodeFirst, you’ll have to break into the vendor’s apartment. To do that, on slide under the hole in the brick wall surface to the best of the black color market.


Enter the alley and also look v the prohibition winndows. The door within is shut with wood planks — shoot them to unlock the door.


To find the code, look in ~ the calendar in the apartment.The an initial number is constantly 4.The second and 3rd number is circled in red top top the 4th row.Example: In ours instance, that number is “28”

Go come the locked door in ~ the apartment and input the password to rob this market blind.

Mission 8: The cool Palace

You’ll require multiple item to crack the code and break right into this secure black color Market. Start by recognize the Winslow Lock Shoppe ~ above the roads out native the canal. The goal right here is to uncover the mystery password and also trick your means inside the market.

How to gain Inside the black MarketGet the door code memo from the back-left edge of the Winslow Lock shoppe.Use the password to open the earlier gate approximately the back-right outside the store.Steal or booty the shipment Boat crucial from the woman on the balcony increase the steps.Return come the beach and also unlock the cargo host to get in the ship on the shore.Inside the ship, usage the audiograph machine.Return come the area wherein you take it the delivery Woman’s key and knock on the door. Offer the solution and the door will open.

Once the door is open, you’re complimentary to pillage every little thing you want.

Mission 9: death to the Empress

Back in Dunwall, points don’t watch too good on the streets. Still, there’s a Black sector open you have the right to rob for fun and profit. Follow these measures to gain the gate crucial and gain inside.

How to get the gate KeyNear the Courier, find a mostly-blocked alleyway filled v crates. Climb up and also through the small opening. Right ahead, there’s a bookshelf with a lamp and a couple of bottles — stop the bottles beside the desk lamp to discover the common Key.

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Go come the locked metal gate close to the water and unlock the to get inside the last black market.

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