No doubt about it: Fast, hot, rip-your-clothes-off sex can include plenty of excited to a relationship. But when it come to all at once coupled-up bliss, slow, sweet, sensual nights in bed have the biggest impact. This sexperiences capitalize ~ above the power of bonding hormone to make you both feel more physically and also emotionally intertwined. So try the following (scientifically proven!) move to max out on lovey-dovey feelings.

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Have a tantric kiss

During location in i beg your pardon you’re face-to-face, lug your lips in super nearby so that you’re practically (but no quite) kissing, climate inhale as soon as your companion exhales. “The sensation that you’re almost breathing because that each various other is exceptionally potent and quite erotic,” says Tantra education Xanet Pailet, author of Living an Orgasmic Life.

Use her words

Speaking up together the activity intensifies can boost the happy chemistry serotonin and also -dopamine in your brain, states sex and also relationship therapist and also board-certified psychiatrist Dion Metzger, MD. Below are 3 intimate AF methods to express yourself.

Whisper sweet things

Murmuring to bae prompts an automatic bodily response that have the right to feel choose arousing -tingling down their neck. Use words you (as in, “You turn me on for this reason much”) to let her S.O. Understand you’re zoned in top top them, says relationship skilled Dori Gatter, PsyD. Bonus: Research says they’re most likely to follow your steamy accuse if you to whisper in their ideal ear.

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Draw out the details

As you’re make love, go out of your means to express her reaction audibly come every good touch and also sight. “It doesn’t also have to it is in a sex-related reference,” states Gatter, who argues trying flattering phrases favor “I love the means your skin feels” or “I like how you curve appropriate here.”

“When girlfriend let your partner understand what you watch as special around them, that builds her bond,” she explains.

Make moans meaningful

People love listening their own names. “It lets us know that we matter, which may seem silly, however the subconscious thrives on recognition,” states hypnotherapist Kimberly Friedmutter, author of Subconscious Power. Moan your lover’s name whenever the sex feeling amaze. Or together you’re around to orgasm, call out their surname (“Oh, yes, Dave...”) to endure a an effective emotional link as girlfriend climax.

Close to the heart

Fun fact: Having her boo gently suck on her nipples release -oxytocin, aka the cuddle hormone, i m sorry triggers her brain’s price center and can make you feel an ext in love. Because that super-intense foreplay, have your mate roll your nips approximately with their tongue, then progressively lick or punch on them, suggests Elle Chase.

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Another sultry option: have them lightly trace each of her headlights with their fingers and a fall of warming lube, climate -return the favor (nipple stim has actually a -similar arousing result on about half of men, according to a examine in the newspaper of sex-related Medicine).

Keep your eyes up

As you’re going under on her partner, look into their eyes v a sexy, secure gaze. “Eye call with a lusty grin can interact volumes in one look,” claims clinical sex ­educator Elle Chase, writer of Curvy Girl Sex.

Try a tender touch

Gentle strokes... “Often as soon as we’re having actually sex, it’s ­passionate grasping, which is delightful,” says sex therapist Stefani Shaffer-Pond, “but convert up the soot of ours touch have the right to create brand-new ­sensations that enhance the romantic bond.” during intercourse, shot caressing her mate softly, running your hands and fingertips over your skin to wake up nerve cells the respond to light touch. how amazing spots Roaming end unexpected areas of every other’s bodies—your faces, jawlines, collarbones, inner thighs, or legs—signals that you’re enjoy it every customs of one another, not simply the sex. “Use her hand as a magic wand of exploration,” says Tantric-embodiment coach Maisha Aza. “If it desires to walk somewhere it typically wouldn’t, walk there anyway.”

Be open to receiving

All also often, people—and specifically women—enter sex with the expectation that they need to be the giver throughout the session. But permitting yourself to receive pleasure can aid you feel more love and also attention from her mate, states Aza. “By gift vulnerable and also letting walk of what friend think you need to be doing, you deserve to accept the complete breadth the what your companion is supplying you.”

Bask in the Afterglow

Post-sex, a bunch of pleasure chemicals hold an after-party in your brain, do you feel relaxed, sated, and—mmm—swoony for as much as two full days. A college of Toronto study uncovered that experiencing this yummy effect is actually an ext important than having actually break-the-bed sex once it involves relationship satisfaction. Here’s exactly how to gain it.

Cuddle her hearts out

This ups oxytocin, which can make you both more happiness in her bond (yup, even much more than sex can). Even if it is it’s because that one minute or 15, snuggle up and shot to sync her breathing, claims Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, organize of the Sex through Jess podcast. “As your breath i do not care one, you’ll most likely feel more connected.”

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Have part pillow talk

While you’re tho recovering native the physical, hormonal, and also emotional sex high, open up and be vulnerable with every other, O’Reilly suggests. Kick turn off a convo by asking, “What would certainly constitute a perfect day for you?” (That’s among psychologist Arthur Aron’s 36 inquiries that may make you fall in love v someone.)

Send a remind text

Sentiments choose “Missing our bed,” “We were so impressive the other night,” or “The watch in your eyes fully wrecked me” let her partner know you’re tho basking in a warmth sex glow and also thinking around them—triggering a dopamine rush because that bae that’s comparable to winning a prize. Which lock kinda did, duh: It’s you.