Dear, I've just started marketing on Craigslist and it's a little overwhelming. I keep getting lowball offers, fifty percent of the emails I gain seem prefer scams, and I'm just worried around meeting up v an untrustworthy person. What can I carry out to avoid obtaining screwed when selling on Craigslist?

Sincerely, fear Seller

Dear SS, there are certainly concerns once it concerns selling things on Craigslist, however you don't want to be too paranoid about what can go wrong. Although negative things have happened on the site, it's difficult to surname a ar on the web where someone hasn't taken benefit of another person. V a little savvy and also caution, girlfriend can quickly sell top top Craigslist without obtaining yourself right into trouble. I've been selling for a long time without issue. Here are the rules i live through that store me from gaining screwed and out the trouble.

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Most civilization are at the very least as uncomfortable coming to your residence to to buy something together you are inviting them, for this reason if friend can fulfill in public girlfriend should. Normally a coffee shop or various other easy-to-spot location between the two of friend is finest so girlfriend both have actually a fair, also amount the driving. Publicly meetings also have the benefit of witnesses—you know, for this reason you're much less likely to it is in murdered by the an extremely rare psychopath looking come buy an iPad.

Meeting in public is a pretty obvious staple that a Craigslist, however it's not constantly possible. What if you're marketing a couch? As lot as I'd love to watch you haggle over a sofa exterior of Kentucky Fried Chicken, ns think we both recognize that's never ever going to happen. Some items simply don't loan themselves to being sold anywhere other than wherein they are best now, and if you're offering them on Craigslist the probably method your house or apartment. If you're going come invite who over for a sale, there are a couple of tricks to help keep girlfriend safe:

Leave your door open throughout the revenue so if there's a problem you have the right to be heard.Have a girlfriend (or two) through you when the sale is being made. If you need to be alone, have actually a friend contact to inspect in through you during the revenue or just keep lock on the line during the revenue in instance something happens.If girlfriend live in one apartment, give your deal with but not your apartment number and also meet the buyer external first. (If girlfriend live in a house, you can accomplish them outside anyway.) In the event that you satisfy them and also they're make you really uncomfortable, send castle on your means and go ago inside. You operation the threat of gift rude and also you shed a potential buyer, however if you room not comfortable talk to a person exterior of your house then you need to not invite lock in. (For the record, it's an extremely unlikely girlfriend will ever before have to carry out this, but it's great to offer yourself the option simply in case.)

Following these guidelines can give you a tiny extra item of mind as soon as you've gained a stranger in her house. I've met a couple of weird people through the sales, however for the most part everyone has been really nice. (In fact, I've even kept in touch with some of them.) If you're friendly and also welcoming, most people will become comfortable too. As soon as you're nice, it's great for everyone involved.

Get a Google Voice Number

If you're not utilizing Google Voice already, you have to sign up simply for Craigslist. The number you receive will front to your current number and, if any kind of weirdos gain ahold the it, you deserve to just block them. It's a yes, really easy way to defend your privacy and still retain the convenience of offering out your number.


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Detect and Delete cheat Emails


When you're marketing any reasonably popular items (like an smartphone or a digital camera), you're almost guaranteed to be contacted through some sort of scammer. When you answer to your emails, there's a chance you'll end up on a list of energetic accounts the they'll call again therefore it's best to protect against replying altogether. Yet how do you call if an e-mail is a cheat or not? There are two common tells nowadays:

Vague references to her listing are practically always from a scammer. Some civilization may call you asking around your digital camera, rather than the details model, but a scammer will just refer come it together "your item" (e.g. "Is her item quiet available?"). If you obtain an response that might easily be repurposed as an e-mail to virtually any type of other listing ~ above Craigslist, delete that outright.Amazing offers space a dead giveaway. Scammers will market you an ext than you're asking. Sometimes this will certainly be come cover shipping costs, and sometimes it will certainly be because that no factor at all. No genuine buyer on Craigslist is going to sell you more than you're asking because they have actually no factor to think they need to. Never ever trust an offer that sound too great to be true.

You're not always going to avoid scammers, however, as some of them perform a better job of disguising themselves 보다 others. You also can't judge by grammar and also spelling as plenty of of the people who will certainly email you on Craigslist—regardless of how intelligent they actually are—will sound favor they can't create or speak English once writing one email. Unfortunately email writing capability is not something you have the right to really use for evaluate scams or you'll weed out most of her potential buyers. Also if you execute get caught in an e-mail thread with a scammer, just be diligent and make certain you recognize who you're dealing with before you make a sale. Because that the many part, so lengthy as girlfriend never ship anything you at least won't obtain screwed out of "your item."

Only expropriate Cash

I highly recommend just accepting cash. Although I've broken this rule twice and got by simply fine, cash-only sales provide you a much far better chance that not acquiring screwed. If you expropriate credit card or debit map payments—or worse, take a check—you're handing over an item without gift 100% certain you're actually acquiring paid. Most world understand the Craigslist is a cash just affair and expect it. Girlfriend should, however, state the in her listing so that it's perfectly clear. Only take cash uneven you have actually a very great reason to do an exception.


Price her Item High


People haggle top top Craigslist, and also prices that are too low worry some people. If you're paranoid around getting scammed by a buyer, imagine what they're thinking as soon as they view a $200 iPad 3. Probably someone is legitimately selling their perfect problem iPad 3 for much less than half of the sleeve cost, but aren't girlfriend a little skeptical? Doesn't the seem too great to it is in true, favor that iPad can not be an iPad, or doesn't function properly and also they're lying, or might be stolen? There's nothing wrong through a fair price, but if you price her item also low you're 1) gaining less 보다 you must get, and 2) potentially scaring world away.

Additionally, you can practically always expect people to haggle no matter exactly how firm you say her price is. Occasionally they'll carry out it top top email and other times they'll wait to accomplish you in person in wishes you'll have a harder time speak no. One of two people way, pick the price suggest you're hoping to obtain and add a tiny on height of that. You'll obtain lowball offers, or at least hagglers, and you deserve to negotiate to gain to the ar you want to get. This is expected, so you're regularly screwing yourself the end of money if you're in reality asking for the price girlfriend want. In fact, there have been times as soon as I've listed an item because that a reasonable price and also received little interest, but then re-listed with a much greater price and suddenly everyone want it. Beware listing low. It's usually a negative idea.


Don't compose a long Ad


If you're in reality planning on offering your item, don't write a lengthy ad. People don't choose to read when they're do the efforts to uncover something they want to buy. They might care about the warranty and also several specifications, however they'd rather ask you in an e-mail than stroked nerves to read it. Yes, this can be type of annoying because you'll need to answer the same concern over and over again, however suck that up. You'll get much more interest through a brief ad. How short? If it's much longer than this paragraph, it's too long.

Hopefully these advice will assist you survive the actually-not-so-frightening human being of marketing on Craigslist. You'll likely find that it's sort of fun and most people are quite cool. It just takes a couple of sales to get the hang of it. You'll it is in an professional in no time. By the way, if you want to avoid getting screwed once buying on Craigslist then we have actually a overview for that, too.

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P.S. Space you a veteran Craigslist seller? Let's listen your 2 cents—or fear stories—in the comments.