Are you acquainted with the speak a dog is a man’s best friend? Dogs space the most renowned pet that many of us have. How have the right to you refuse a fluffy, sweet, and joyful companion prefer a dog together your pet? Probably, friend can’t.

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So, how to market a dog top top Craigslist? First, you might need to ar an ad; it has several clear pictures of your pet to give your dog’s potential adopters one idea that what her dog looks prefer in real life. Also, friend list your pet’s biographical data prefer its age, physics characteristics, vaccination, and also temperament. 

Moreover, in some cases, there space dogs whose owner can’t take care of their needs anymore. Top them come look for new adopters of their dog or their owner died. The why it leader them to market their dog on craigslist. 

Craigslist site is a platform that helps dog to discover a new home, a new set that family, or a friend. This site aims to make dogs happy and secure.

If you desire to know much more about this review, friend may continue reading below.


1 how Do I article A Dog because that Sale top top Craigslist?4 rule To Follow when You’re selling A Dog top top Craigslist

How perform I article A Dog for Sale top top Craigslist?

Finding a new home for your dog/dogs is hard, especially if you love her pet therefore dear. However, it would assist if you let them provide your pet much more attention 보다 you execute for this instances.

How to post your dog for sale ~ above craigslist? In craigslist, they set a dominion that you cannot sell your dog/dogs or other species of pet on craigslist. Just list her dog for cost-free or perform them through a tiny rehoming fee.

Here room the 4 steps to write-up your dog for sale on craigslist.

1. Develop An Ad

The craigslist site permits you to short article ads ~ above their website for complimentary with or without an account using simply your valid email address.

You must list all her pet’s vital information. Friend can additionally state that you will certainly charge a tiny homing dues of as much as $50 only.

Charging a rehoming fee discourages a potential pet abuser indigenous responding to your ad.

2. Question Your Potential Adopter

Also, ~ above the craigslist site, users can straight respond to your advertisement via emailing or phone call you. Prior to you proceed more in adoption, ask first your potential adopters why they want to adopt and what type of shelter they can administer for her dog.

In this process, you can make certain that your pet is in great hands, also, including asking potential adopters if they have experience in caring because that a dog similar to yours.

Weight every price of her potential adopters, check out if who offers you a vague or sketchy answer why they desire the pet.

If friend are currently satisfied and feel that your potential adopter is the one for her pet, you have the right to proceed to the following steps.

3. Do A house Check

You can request a house visit v your potential adopter. If your potential adopter refuses your request, nothing rehome her dog.

Your potential adopter may have actually something to hide or have actually a different intention for her dog. If her potential adopter accepts your request for a house check, don’t walk alone.

Moreover, if the potential adopter has actually young youngsters or various other pets, house your pet v them only if her pet feels comfortable and safe roughly them.

4. The Time come Re-Home

If your potential adopter overcome the three measures above, you may now let your pet with his/her brand-new family.

If every little thing goes well, define your pet’s regimen to its brand-new family for this reason they deserve to use that so the your dog have the right to settle through it quickly.

After that, authorize a contract stating that you’ll take earlier your pet if something devastating happens come him/her, then give them her pet’s veterinary records.

Additionally, check back your dog after a mainly to identify that her pet is act well through them. Your ad will expire instantly after 7 come 45 days.

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Why are Pet Sales banned On Craigslist?

Some people stole pets and also attempted come advertise them virtual to make money. Which is Craigslist won’t permit to happen, to avoid themselves from gaining sued by the rightful owner that the pet.

Every site set strict rule to defend their company from gaining into trouble prefer this.

What if your pet gets stolen and the person who stole that advertises her pet ~ above the site? Probably, together the rightful owner, I’ll be mad due to the fact that the website did no undergo investigation; one of two people the pets is theirs or not.


Is It poor To sell A Dog ~ above Craigslist?

The answer is yes. Selling dogs top top craigslist is cruel. Numerous dogs ~ above craigslist room sold because of its problems. Perhaps the dog has health issues, temperament, lack of training, aggression, and also more.

Avoid those craigslist customers that market their dogs. The only trustworthy craigslist individuals registered ~ above the site want your dog to acquire a rehome or be rescued.

As a human, we must not see dogs together profits. Hence, let’s view them as a member that a family. If you want to adopt them, take the obligation wholeheartedly.

Love her pet, and you will earn their trust and also loyalty till they die. Her pet will do every little thing for girlfriend to be the finest companion girlfriend will ever before have, therefore love them the method they deserve.

Rules come Follow as soon as You’re offering A Dog ~ above Craigslist

Rehoming her pet have to be the many heartbreaking together an owner, because of circumstances that you lose your project or home, sickness injury the you have to relocate your pet because that good.

Maintaining her dog’s wellness is costly, especially for those dogs through high breeds. The needs suitable grooming and check-ups to look great. 

Here room the rules you might follow in finding a brand-new home for her dog top top craigslist.

1. Take it a great Photo Of her Pet

Take the ideal angle of her dog and also upload it come the site. Do it appropriate to watch so that it becomes easy for you to look for a brand-new family for your pet. 

2. Prepare A short Description Of her Dog

List every the training that your dog has actually if there’s any. Exactly how does your dog get along with other pets, children, and strangers?

Describe her dog’s perspective adequately, also including its medical history, existing condition, or if your dog takes any medication. 

You can likewise describe her dog’s favorite and also least favorite food, treats, and also activities.

Moreover, define what makes your pet unique and why that deserves to be adopted by them.

3. It is in Honest

Being ethical in describing your pet will help you discover a brand-new home the fits your beloved dog. It will certainly also aid your pet obtain comfortable conveniently with their new environment.

Your honesty as their owner will certainly spare their new family getting headaches, and also worst, returning your pet to you.

4. Adoption Contracts 

The last preeminence is the signing that contracts. As the owner, you should make a record contract stating that your dogs should be adequately cared because that by the new owner. 

In the contract, the potential adopter should agree ~ above the points below.

A guarantee that they will feed the pets with proper food, water, shelter, and vet treatment check as needed. Also, the pet shouldn’t be win or chained.A statement the the vault owner have the right to visit your pet within 6 months to ensure the their pet experiences great care.The adopter shouldn’t take it the pet come a shelter that methods euthanasia that adoptable animals.A paragraph that have to transfer all files or registration of the pet have to be transferred to the new owner.A statement if the pet escaped or has actually been stolen, the new owner have to take complete responsibility to take reasonable procedures to find it, this had checking of neighborhood shelters.A guarantee creates the brand-new owner that if they deserve to no much longer keep the pet, the former owner has the final say if it must be adopted by a brand-new family or not.

How long Does It take To market A Dog top top Craigslist?

It take away time to market or house your dog ~ above Craigslist. Your dog’s duration gets offered or rehomed will rely on its physical look, attitude, and characteristic you stated in the ad.

It is why being ethical in your description that defines your pet is a must. There’s no dorn if her dog has actually some troubles with suitable training deserve to lessen the problem.

Some potential adopters have the patience to dogs and also love come train till they come to be familiar through the exactly manner or routine.

Many pets lovers want to embrace dogs to offer them the appropriate shelter and love lock deserve.

So if you have dogs that you feel it’s not basic to market or rehome as result of some issues, don’t concern there will certainly be the right world that will certainly come because that them come train castle to end up being better.


In summary, rehoming your pet is the many painful experience, probably if you are attached to your dog so much.

However, there room times the we must let go of those feel for your excellent. We all want what’s best for our pets. Besides, they are likewise like us that needs proper care and love to live better.

If you room struggling come take treatment of your pets, you must put them for adoption. When it’s time for them come rehome, make sure they are in great hands.

Even though your pet i will not ~ be with you anymore, you have actually peace of mind that your dog has adequately cared for properly.

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Lastly, together the owner of her pet, if you’re planning to get your dog adopted, experience the appropriate procedure for your pet’s safety.