For part owners, there may come a time when selling their timeshare is other they space considering. If you’re curious around how to offer your Westgate timeshare, we have the right to help. This complete guide can help you decision which is the next best step for you.

What is Westgate Timeshare?

In 1982, Westgate resorts was founded by David A. Siegel. The brand now has 29 resorts throughout the united States. Additionally, that is the biggest privately-held corporation in main Florida. The vacation experiences offered by Westgate timeshares traverse snowy mountains and also sandy beaches. The Orlando place is an owner-favorite because it is positioned right near the Disney and also Universal theme parks. What’s more, the Westgate Smoky mountains resort boasts one indoor/outdoor waterpark for family members fun.

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Westgate Owners have Exchange Options

A an excellent thing about being a Westgate owner is that you space eligible to sign up with the Interval global exchange network to experience much more vacations. V Interval International, members have the right to exchange time at their house resort for a holidays at an additional one. The varied locations within Westgate’s network also enable members more choices. Us recommend contacting your developer to watch what options you have for exchange.

If you room a Westgate owner and also have already considered exchange together an option and also would still choose to sell, keep analysis for an ext tips.

Sell Westgate Timeshare

The very first step you should take when selling her Westgate timeshare is contacting her resort. Lock will be able to guide you through their encourage selling process and talk about what girlfriend own. Friend should additionally visit This is a website developed by the American Resort development Association and also is designed to assist Westgate owners exit their timeshare safely.

Can I sell My Timeshare ago to Westgate?


This is a concern you have to ask your developer. Additionally, if you have recently purchased her timeshare and have decided you no much longer want it, review your contract and also give Westgate a call. As soon as a timeshare is purchased, over there is a quick rescission home window where you deserve to cancel your purchase. If the time for this has actually passed, call Westgate and also see what lock recommend because that you to do.

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Avoid Timeshare leave Team Scams

Many timeshare “exit” groups advertise the they can cancel your timeshare contract because that you. It is in wary of these guarantees as plenty of owners have been victim of fraud by such companies. Due to the fact that a timeshare is most often a deeded property, you have to be cautious when someone tells you they deserve to “cancel” it. Especially if you have actually a mortgage.

When choosing a company to work with, we recommend selecting one that is approved by ARDA. ARDA accredited carriers are organized to a high traditional of quality and integrity in bespeak to defend timeshare owners. At Fidelity actual Estate, we are accredited by ARDA and also the BBB because that our job-related in timeshare resales. Our Licensed real Estate Agents space timeshare resale experts and also have helped countless owners market their timeshares.

Sell mine Timeshare Now

After you have contacted your resort, give us a call. Our company of Licensed genuine Estate Agents have over two decades of experience offering timeshares. During your initial phone call call, among our agents have the right to walk you through the steps to offer your timeshare through Fidelity if you pick to execute so. By working through us, friend will have actually a trusted agent by your side during the whole sales process.

How perform I sell Westgate Timeshare?

First, we occupational with you to list her timeshare for sale ~ above our digital marketplace. Once a buyer makes an offer, her agent will provide you a call and also can help you negotiate pricing and terms. ~ a contract is attracted up and also signed by both parties, the contract will certainly be sent to the resort. The resort has actually the best of first refusal (ROFR) before the sale proceeds. If the will accepts the contract, the revenue proceeds together usual other than the resort assumes the terms of the buyer. If the resort declines the ROFR, the sale proceeds as before with the early stage buyer. Our team will certainly recommend a license is granted title firm to move the title the end of your name.

Get Started offering Your Timeshare currently by Filling out the form Below! One of our Licensed actual Estate agents will call you as soon as possible.