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This post originally released on Dec 30, 2014 under the title, as soon as in Doubt, Salute! This is the 2nd update and also rearrangement of details to aid everyone recognize this topic better.

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How to Salute

The left-handed salute if at right Shoulder

“Always” and “Never” hardly ever before apply. A lacking or incapacitated right arm or a appropriate arm the must host a crutch because that handicapped people (cadets) space legitimate reasons for the left-hand hand salute.

The left-hand individual SALUTE while equipped is authorized v the left hand because that all company guidon bearers and also for all Marines, Sailors, and Coasties (Army and Air force stopped these salutes circa the 1970s) equipped with a rifle while at Order or appropriate Shoulder.

“That’s Disrespectful!”

Saluting through the left or best hand has nothing to carry out with gift disrespectful. The salute, in and of itself, no matter which hand is used, is respectful. The US military uses the ideal hand because that a reason and that factor is utilitarian, not an problem of respect.


The Drum major as well as the unit that leads, follows Revolutionary War requirements of drill and also ceremonies. That’s why the left-hand salute and also the truth that his salute has actually the palm dealing with forward.

No one rather authorized come render a left-handed salute in uniform, yet is over there an exception? Yes. Any type of veteran with a absent or incapacitated best arm is not going to it is in lectured regarding the “proper” way to render a salute.

JROTC Competition

There is no such point as one “authorized” relocate or place in exhibition drill. Judges: in the situation of exhibition drill, please placed away your bias of “right” and “wrong” method to carry out something the is based on what you have learned with the military. Cadets: have fun creating, however don’t enable something that someone rather has created to come to be “absolute law” for you or your team- JROTC cadets have actually a an excellent tendency to never pick up the manual and only learn by observation. Hence, what one sees must be just how “it” is completed and no one can tell them any differently.

Hand Salute History

Here is the background of the American military’s salute, courtesy that the US military Quartermaster Historian. Nobody knows the precise origin of today’s hand salute. Indigenous earliest times and in plenty of distant armies throughout history, the right hand (or “weapon hand”) has been increased as a greeting the friendship. The idea may have been to show that you weren’t prepared to use a rock or various other weapon. Courtesy forced that the inferior make the gesture first. Definitely there is some connection in between this old gesture and also our existing salute.

One romantic legend has actually it the today’s armed forces salute descended from the medieval knight’s gesture of elevating his visor to disclose his identification as a courtesy ~ above the technique of a superior. Another even more wonderful version is the it symbolizes a knight’s shielding his eyes from the dazzling beauty, beauty of some high-born lady sitting in the bleachers of the tournament.

The armed forces salute has in reality had countless different forms over the centuries. At one time it to be rendered with both hands! In old prints one might see left-handed salutes. In part instances the salute to be rendered through lowering the saber v one hand and touching the cap visor with the other.

The complying with explanation the the beginning of the hand salute is possibly closest to the truth: It was a long-established military custom because that juniors to remove their headgear in the existence of superiors. In the British military as late as the American transformation a soldier saluted bv remove his hat. Yet with the introduction of an ext cumbersome headgear in the 18th and 19th centuries, the act of removing one’s cap was progressively converted into the less complicated gesture the grasping the visor, and issuing a courteous salutation. From there it finally ended up being conventionalized into something resembling our modern hand salute.

As early as 1745 (more 보다 two-and-a-half century ago) a brothers order book states that: “The guys are ordered no to traction off their hats when they happen an officer, or to speak come them, yet only to clap up their hands to their hats and also bow as they pass.”

Whatever the actual origin of today’s hand salute, plainly in the tradition of the US military it has constantly been supplied to suggest a sign of RESPECT – more recognition that in the job of arms army courtesy is both a right and also a obligation of every soldier.

What about the President’s Salute?

First off, any civilian might receive a salute. Return salute is no something any type of civilian, consisting of the president is an alleged to do. However, president Ronald Reagan started returning the salutes calculation to that (he had actually a an excellent deal that respect because that the military) and it has ongoing since.

Please see this article on The Presidential Return Salute.

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Active united state Navy business member. The very first paragraph is incorrect.

I will not speak because that the other branches because we all have really different traditions, yet in the Navy her hand does not touch her eyebrow. It touch the leaf of the brim your cover or hat. And also you never salute there is no a cover. If you room on duty, you will wear a cover indoors and also salute the officer you space reporting to. If you room outdoors, you have a sheathe on and also salute every officer you happen whether you are on or turn off duty.

If you room in uniform and also outdoors, you have to have a cover on.

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What I claimed my differ from command to command, yet what I claimed is what’s taught at straightforward training and also my present command.

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