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I’ve been browsing on Google because I first heard about the site countless years earlier and have constantly wanted to download every my search history and analyze it for frequency and related. Is over there any way to do so?

You sound prefer a scientist, because that sure, yet I can appreciate that. There’s a amazing pool of info in our search history, both in the aggregate — the way that Google calculates the zeitgeist, of food — and in our own details searches end months or years. Not just around what we sought most frequently, however when us searched. Perform you search an ext on Monday afternoons or Saturday late at night?

Some that this info is displayed in the Google Search history area (as I’ll present in simply a moment) yet some that it deserve to only be established through your own analysis. Think that the trends, though! A find for “ideas an initial date”, “engagement ring” climate “marriage venue” climate “best honeymoon” climate “how to readjust a diaper” and “save for college” would present a life well spent!

But let’s begin at the beginning before we obtain into one of those sort of TV spots!

You should start in ~ the appropriate place, in fact. You can’t acquire to your Search history from the Google home page, surprisingly:


But as soon as you carry out a search — I’ll search for Kate Bush, a favourite singer the mine — then part of the many brand-new things that display up is what girlfriend want.

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Search outcomes are presented thusly:


See the “gear” switch on the right? click it.

A food selection pops up:


Choose History from the menu.

Now you’ll check out all sorts of interesting data, including graphs of few of the information you’re interested in learning much more about:


I find all this information fascinating. For example, i seem to favor searching Google at 8am and 8pm an ext than any type of other time, and also I also have part searches in ~ 2am and 4am (what the heck? do I sleep search??).

To download her search background from this point, however, you desire to again click on the “gear” button, yet this time the food selection is contempt different:


Choose Download come download your search history, and an exciting message will certainly pop up:


“It’s no the normal yada yada”. Unique done, Google!

I absolutely also recommend you have actually 2-step verification on your Google account yet Google is certainly treating this as highly sensitive data. That’s good.

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Click on Create Archive and it actually pops up one more message:


Some time later on — because that me it took about 20 minute — an email shows up informing you that the save is built:


Now you deserve to view the in drive or download it through the “Searches-” link near the bottom. That a big data file, so nothing be surprised if the takes a while.

Then you on your very own with the analysis. Great luck and let us know what ax you find for more often than any other!