It’s hard to imagine everyday life without message messages. In fact, human being send practically 23 billion text messages each day worldwide. Of course, no all texts are great news. Insanity or click right here to see 6 scam message messages that are ripping civilization off.

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Yet, there is one puzzling fact around text messages the most civilization can’t figure out: just how to conserve them. If you needed to save your texts, say for a court case, or organize onto cherished memories, would you know just how to execute it?

Probably not. But, don’t worry. These simple tips to walk you v the process of saving text messages for both Android and also Apple gadgets.

Saving Android texts

With every the advances in technology, you’d think that saving a text message would it is in a simple, one-tap action on your phone. As civilization say, yes an application for just about everything.

Fortunately there room some apps the end there the make conserving texts easy. One cost-free app for Android gadgets that we favor is SMS backup & Restore.

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Once SMS back-up & gain back is installed, you deserve to save message messages (and emails and other messages). You can select which messages to save or set it increase to immediately backup your texts at details times.

There’s also a search attribute so you can easily uncover your conserved texts. Plus, you deserve to save your messages to the cloud so you can access them from any type of internet-connected device.

Here are some attribute that you have the right to expect through the app:

Backup SMS (text) messages, MMS and also call logs in XML format.Choose a recurring booked time to automatically back up.Search backups.Restore/transfer backup to one more phone. The layout is independent of the Android version, so messages and logs can be easily transferred native one phone to another.Free up room on your phone. Delete all SMS messages or contact logs on the Phone.Email a backup file.

The app is complimentary from the Google play Store however does contain ads.

Don’t have an Android gadget? If you’re an apologize fan, keep analysis to discover out just how to save your texts.

Saving texts in iOS

When it concerns Apple devices, it won’t be as basic on her pocketbook. The an excellent news is once you do continuous backups of your iPhone, a backup of message messages is created. So, if you obtain a brand-new phone, every one of your message will deliver over. The fence is the you can not export or see every one of your messages on her computer.

To carry out that, you’ll need a regimen on your computer system like iExplorer. It will set you back $40 for a single license, but if you buy the family pack of 5 licenses, you’ll obtain a transaction for $70.

With this program, you have the right to export message messages, voice mails and contacts from your phone’s attend to book directly to her computer. You’ve additionally got the choice to drag and also drop voice memos onto iTunes or another app on her computer.


While it’s simple to bemoan the relative an obstacle of conserving a message message, you must do it. Simply think about this. Have actually you ever had one of those days whereby you’re just tired of scrolling through tons of texts? So, you start deleting them.

Or possibly your phone call is slow down, or you’re obtaining alerts informing you the you’re running out of storage. Delete, delete, delete.

Taking all that off your iPhone may offer you a momentary sense of satisfaction. However in no time, you remember the important messages you had actually in there: photos, messages that consisted of friends’ addresses and also phone numbers.

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To prevent this, backup your texts to Apple’s iTunes. The takes a little work. Yet doing this frequently will ensure the you have actually all your important messages in one ar that you can retrieve from any type of internet-connected device.