It’s almost inevitable that we’ll all must securely and also reliably conserve a voicemail at some point. Even if it is it’s a post from a loved one who has because died or just an important recording you desire to keep, there room several means to save crucial voicemails indefinitely.

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You have the right to technically save a voicemail saved in your voice mail box, but this no a viable long-term option. Voice mailboxes to fill up, at which allude some services and apps will auto-delete old messages. And also if friend buy a new phone, move to a brand-new app, swap carriers, or any variety of similar small changes, that can an outcome in your shedding the voice messages you wish to keep. Luckily, there are quite a couple of ways to save your cherished voicemails safe.

Saving and backing increase voicemails ~ above iPhone


Instead of maintaining the document stored in your voicemail, iphone users can save and save voice messages to miscellaneous apps and also services via the re-publishing function.

Open the phone app.Tap “Voicemail”Tap the blog post you desire to save, climate tap the Share symbol (Sharing a voicemail this method won’t delete the from girlfriend voicemail storage)From here you have several potential means to conserve the file:“Notes” lets you save the document as a brand-new note or include to an currently one“Voice memo” will conserve an audio paper to your phone that can be edited in the Voice Memo app and automatically backed up to iTunes.“Message” and “Mail” will send the file as an MP3 end SMS or email“Airdrop” will lets you re-superstructure the record as an MP3 wirelessly to other tools within range

Tap the option you want to use, then finalize sending the file.

Once you’ve shared and/or saved the file, you have to backup another copy as well. Sync her iPhone with iTunes to immediately backup your Voice memos to her iTunes library (requires girlfriend to have actually syncing rotate on). Similarly, you have the right to share the documents to cloud storage services prefer Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Or with other iOS devices via AirDrop.

How to save voicemails on Android

Most Android users have the right to save your voicemails, too, but the process will different slightly based upon your organization provider, voicemail app, and/or smartphone model.

The stock phone or voicemail apps from most major providers incorporate an alternative to save duplicates of your messages. Open your phone’s voicemail app, climate tap (or in part cases, tap and also hold) the message you want to save. You need to be presented v a perform of options; the save alternative will typically be provided as “save”, “save to phone,” “archive,” or other similar. Insanity the appropriate option for her app, then select a storage ar is prompted, and also save the file. Back-up the conserved voicemails to her cloud storage business of an option and download a copy to physics storage prefer an HDD, SD card, or USB flash memory for extra safe keeping.

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Unfortunately, no all suppliers offer voicemail apps that space compatible v all android phones. There room some third-party apps that will certainly let you save your voicemails, however some space paid, and also many will only let you conserve voicemails after ~ you’ve set up the app. Google Voice functions an choice to have actually your voicemails sent out as MP3s come your email inbox, however much prefer with third-party apps, this will certainly only work for voicemails received after did you do it signed up for the company and permitted the setting—previously got messages will must be stored another way.