“iPhone 6S battery draining fast on iOS 14.3! My iphone phone 6s to be fine till I updated to iOS 14.3 last week. I usually have around 70% after gaining home indigenous work, however now it even less 보다 30%. Is over there something wrong? how to save battery on iphone phone 6s iOS 14.3?”

Since the iOS 14.3 was released, many iPhone 6S/6 users just cannot wait to endure the cool attributes of this new software variation in advance. However, some users sadly found out battery draining a tiny fast top top their maker after update. Luckily, this post will sell some useful tips to help you extend iphone phone 6/6s battery life top top iOS 14.3.

1.Check What Drains iphone Battery

When battery draining fast on her iPhone 6S/6, inspect what apps is the height power-consuming apps on your device. You deserve to close the app; rotate off notifications or elevator refresh to boost iPhone 6s battery life ~ above iOS 14.3.

Go to setups -> general -> Battery. Scroll down to watch what’s the best battery drainers in the past 24 hrs or last 7 days.


2.Turn Down screen Brightness

Sometimes if the display is also bright, the battery will likewise go down quickly. Thus, that is said to turn down the brightness on her iPhone 6/6S a little. Short brightness is also aid to protect your sight.

Go to settings -> display & Brightness, adjust the brightness slider to turn down the display brightness.


3.Turn turn off Background application Refresh

When the Background app Refresh is enabled, it allows apps to refresh their contents when associated to network, which will consume lot iPhone battery. Thus, disable Background app Refresh will be an effective way to save an ext battery life on iphone phone 6s.

Go to settings > basic > Background app Refresh, tap top top the alternative to disable this feature. You can additionally keep it on yet close the apps you don’t use frequently to conserve iPhone battery lifespan.


4.Clean up Junk papers on iphone phone 6/6s

When over there is too much cache document accumulated in an app, every time friend launch it, it will fill these data too. The much more junk files in an app, the much more power will be consumed. The really necessary to clean out junk documents to maximize iphone battery lifespan. You deserve to try straightforward tool called complimentary iCareFone Cleaner. This all-in-one iOS caring software program is able come clear every the short-term files, caches, huge files and also other unnecessary data easily.


5.Disable location Service

Locations organization is additionally the top power consuming apps. The is used in a lot of situations, like situate a restaurant, exact driving directions and also more. You deserve to turn turn off this attribute to save battery strength on iphone 6/6S easily.

Go to settings -> Privacy, click “Location Services” come close it.


6.Turn turn off Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth

Many world usually forget to rotate off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth once they room not using. This makes the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth keeps looking network and also other devices and also dies iphone phone battery faster. Swipe up from the home screen, revolve off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you room not using them.


7.Extend iphone 6 Battery Life on iOS 14.3 by Manually bring Email

Another easy pointer to expand battery life on iphone 6 v iOS 14.3 is to set iPhone to inspect email account manually or much less often.

Open setups app, select Mail -> account -> Fetch new Data. Tap top top the Push choice to close it. You deserve to also collection the period of mail fetching come Hourly or Manually.


8.Auto-Lock iphone Sooner

When you room not utilizing iPhone, it will go to sleep in a few minutes if girlfriend have collection the auto-lock. The sooner it sleeps, the much less power is used.

Tap setups -> display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock, and also then pick your preference.

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The above are every the tips and tricks we’ve gathered for saving battery on iphone 6s/6 ~ iOS 14.3 update. More iOS 11 battery drainpipe fixes room here.